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Feral Pest and Vegetation Management – Stephen Andrew MP

On the ground in my Electorate and being in Pest Management industry for many years I have witnessed and heard first hand many of the stories from land owners….and what affects them the most. The destruction and devastation inflicted upon the people of farming lands by bureaucratic red tape, policy and legislation that restricts and […]

Melbourne’s African Youth Rampage

“Stay inside and lock your doors.” This was the message police gave to terrified residents in Melbourne as gangs of African youths brawled, destroyed public property and attacked police. Tell us again how Melbourne doesn’t have a problem with violent African gangs? From the Australian – Written by Samantha Hutchinson, Reported by Remy Varga. Victoria […]

Send Aid to Farmers Not Foreigners

A few months ago, Malcolm Roberts hit the road with a drover to see how some farmers across the country are keeping their cattle alive during this drought. How can we justify shamefully wasting billions on overseas handouts to corrupt governments and unaccountable NGOs while our own farmers struggle with extreme droughts and suicide! ‬ […]