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One Nation defies polls, celebrates return to form

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was celebrating a return to form as the party defied polls pointing to declining support and emerged from the election with a chance of increased Senate representation. While One Nation had not secured any lower house seats at last count, the party commanded impressive support of between 13 and 22 […]

Mandatory Reading: Mark Latham’s Maiden Speech

Mark Latham has delivered his maiden speech to New South Wales Parliament. Alan Jones, radio veteran and former speechwriter in the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, said it was the “Most outstanding political speech I’ve ever read“. You can read it in full below. Mr President, Not far from where you sit, some 10 […]

The Truth About One Nation Preferences

Not many people know how preferences work and believe if they vote 1 for One Nation, the party will decide where that vote goes if the candidate isn’t elected. Preferences are unavoidable because voters must number every box on a ballot paper, but the political parties cannot dictate where your vote goes. THE MOST IMPORTANT […]