Population Blow Out

Australia’s population increased by 3.5 million people in the decade 2006 to 2016. Around 60% of that population increase came from immigration.

There is no doubt that legal immigration is the cause of Australia’s exceptional population growth.

If we continue to allow annual immigration targets to determine the size of our population, then the Australian Bureau of Statistics expects that Australia’s population increase will double from 25 million to 50 million in just 30 years.

Governments, both Liberal and Labor, argue immigration is good for the economy, but economist Judith Sloan says immigration benefits special interest groups. She says the economics of immigration are very clear. In the short term immigration reduces per capita income and in the long term per capita income gains are very modest, but these calculations ignore the congestion costs, house prices and the loss of amenity.

Our immigration policy is like a rider-less horse. It is dangerous. What we need is a rider, a population policy to safely guide the immigration horse.

Each year the government of the day sets an immigration target but there is no plan to take into account the cumulative long term consequences of those year on year decisions. In fact it’s the States and Territories that are left to manage the ever increasing population.

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  1. john drew
    john drew says:

    Notice how not one labor party member of parliament, state or federal, has spoken publicly about our excessive immigration rates. Interestingly, it is the working class voters in labor electorates who suffer the most from excessive immigration. Think about these people paying high rents and being unable to save housing deposits. Think about their long journeys to work and high car running costs.

    • Mike On Comments
      Mike On Comments says:

      We need a Royal Commission into the whole migrant intake issue & impact.

      It’s a crisis & out of control.
      2.7 million TR and Tourist Visa Worker Illegals onshore.

      1.2 million or 23% of Sydney’s total population- nearly 1 in every 4 people – is now a Temporary Resident Migrant Guestworker.

      Our border controls & visa system are exploited and corrupted by foreign run criminal syndicates, offshore & onshore and visa alibi providers (eg international education or visa sponsors or foreign run black market labour services – in large scale third world unskilled migrant guestworker labor trafficking.

      => See in the comments below for further facts & the detail on this.

  2. Richard Olszewski
    Richard Olszewski says:

    Why the emigration issue is such a taboo in Australia, every time I mention the issue I get “look: You Racist “. By birth I,m Racists (white), and all others are progressive.! I,m Polish by birth, and stop migration means , stop migration !.. Poles, German, Africans,Asians. Sorry “The boat is wobbly we have to stabilize it”. Thats all.!

    • Geoffrey Schleehauf
      Geoffrey Schleehauf says:

      I certainly agree with that. It’s a pity that our politicians and those that cry racist can’t see past the ends of their noses. The irony of all of this is that with the swelling numbers coming into the country, our governments have the hide to tell us that the unemployment numbers are coming down. We all know that when they send so many to do courses that those people are included in the “numbers” supposedly employed. Our politicians are so far out of touch with reality that it makes me wonder whether they have to have frontal lobotomies. Australians, well, most of them are not that bloody stupid to believe the garbage they expect us to swallow. There should not be any further immigration until everyone of working age is employed in a legitimate manner. We need cheap coal powered power stations so that industries can be kick started which in turn provides employment and an income for the Federal coffers. They must be looking pretty empty at this stage, particularly when one considers the obscene amounts that the LNP via Julie Bishop have given away. It makes me seethe with anger when I think of those in dire straits due to ongoing droughts that could have been helped long before this pittance finally offered by the LNP in the last week. Of course the poor buggars effected by the droughts will have to jump through a myriad of hoops set up by the government when those immigrants and illegals have it handed to them and they don’t contribute to the country in way. I just hope that at the next Federal election that the people of Australia remember just how our people have been treated and ignored by the major parties and the greens and vote appropriately paying particular attention to where they place their preferences.

  3. Barry Matthews
    Barry Matthews says:

    My biggest concern is with the hospitals being overcrowded and the long waiting list for almost any treatment how will it ever improve with so many new arrivals all adding to these waiting lists.

  4. D Ravizza
    D Ravizza says:

    Under Turnbull and Shorten’s mismanagement Australia has become a dumping ground for the UN, excessively high unsustainable level of immigration brings increases in crime rates as we have seen throughout Europe and are now experiencing in Victoria,immigration also increases the country’s welfare bill, incompatible migrants from 3rd world countries such as Africa are a major problem for every country with direct connections to the rise in crime rates of rape and robberies,and murders,there is also the consequences of immigration from Islamic ideology countries with terrorist as we know IS is still very active around the world and no government can guarantee these will not be brought in through immigration Australia cannot become a country full of pockets of enclaves of divided cultures as we are no seeing no go zones of Islamic areas starting to increase their areas ,there is a crisis with water but no dam has been built in this country for decades,there is no new expansions to infrastructure needed to cope with excessively high immigration levels there has been no new hospitals,schools,prisons,nursing homes ,to take such increases, where are the jobs for the already unemployed struggling to cope there are none ,we have Australians living on our streets in every city every town around this nation and yet ALP LNP are flooding the country with more people,pushing migrants to regional areas only hides the problem it doesn’t solve a thing ,country towns were decreasing in population due to the fact there was no employment or future for the children as ,businesses closed due to excessively high running cost of transport and electricity, Australian manufacturing industry has been destroying by successive governments with no replacement,our farmers suffering from a drought immigration does not help them,basically the ALP LNP are banking economic growth on fraudulent forward estimates which can and will destroy Australia as we now know it

  5. Lyn. C
    Lyn. C says:

    When is Daniel Andrews going to apologize to Victorians for the disgusting behavior that goes unpunished by these violent thugs…Why is he allowing it to continue….it has been going on for too long….Melbourne is a no go zone and a frightening place even during the day, one is not safe from these thugs. As for the Prime minister…what a joke !! He should step in and put Andrews in his place for making Melbourne a violent city.!!!Totally disgusted.

  6. Mike On Comments
    Mike On Comments says:

    We need a Royal Commission into the ‘migrant crisis’.

    First of all the term ‘migrant’ is not a racial or ethnic term.
    It’s about ‘permanent’ or ‘temporary’ migrant, and these comments are about migrant numbers, quality, assimilation & economic & social contribution & impact.

    The PR migrant intake has been most visible in media headlines.

    But as we will see below, it is the TR & Tourist Visa Working Illegals (TVWI) who are by far the larger impact to Australian society.
    And thats the real centre of the current migrant intake crisis.

    We have 1.9 million PR now onshore in the last decade.
    They are 74% from third world countries & 87% were unskilled (DHA & ABS 2016). They have lower education & employment outcomes than Australians and many do not assimilate, with some 800,000 with low or no English language skills.
    They have high welfare & health care needs and the vast majority are net negative in taxation inputs v outlay costs. All fact and not a skilled, economic or socially assimilated intake at all.

    We then have in addition to this another 2.7 million mostly third world and mostly unskilled migrants now in Australia on Temporary Visas (TR) or illegally working tourist visas (TVWI).
    79% from third world countries. 93% are unskilled (DHA June 2018).
    So an even higher third world origin and even more unskilled. Fact.
    They are equivalent to 140% of the whole last decade of PR.
    16 years worth of the PR intake.

    The grand total is 4.6 million in migrant intake.
    2.7 million TR/TVWI plus 1.9 million PR.
    Most are third world & unskilled, now onshore.
    58% are TR – Temporary Visa, many in visa breach to work illegally, or a Tourist Visa holder also working illegally.

    86% are concentrated in Sydney or Melbourne. Long stay, repeat stay, visa churn & extension & overstay.

    2.7 million TR & TVI by the major countries of origin.

    • 2.2 million TR Temporary Visas (DHA July 2018), Chinese then Indian, South & north Asian, Middle East. Including a third of the NZ SCV being non NZ born, using NZ as a transit stop & back door entry.

    • 440k TVWI- Tourist Visa Working Illegally (5% of the 8.8 million tourist visitors – (ABF / DHA parliamentary committee report) mostly Chinese, North & South Asian, Indian, Nepalese, Middle Eastern.

    55k overstayers. As above.

    Australian City Concentration.
    TR – 2.2 million Temporary Visa holders (July 2018) third world & unskilled.
    1.2 million TR reside in Sydney.
    0.8 million TR in Melbourne.
    0.2 million TR elsewhere.

    PR – 1.9 million PR & citizen grants in the last decade – mostly third world unskilled.
    0.9 million PR in Sydney.
    0.7 million PR in Melbourne.
    0.3 million elsewhere. (ABS / DHA 2018)

    TVWI- 440,000 illegally working unskilled Chinese, Indian, South East Asian.
    220,00 tourist illegals in Sydney.
    190,000 tourist illegals in Melbourne.
    50,000 tourist illegals elsewhere.

    55,000 overstayers
    Sydney (20,000)
    Melbourne (15,000)
    the rest elsewhere. (DHA 2017).

    That’s a migrant intake crisis.

    We have no tracking or control.
    Millions of illegal migrant workers, Fake ID and tax avoidance.

    ➡️The Sydney number of this mostly third world unskilled migrant intake is 2.34 million.
    45% of Sydney’s pop of 5.2 million (ABS est July 2018), nearly every 2nd person.

    The 1.2 million TR migrants in Sydney are 23%.
    Nearly 1 in 4 people in Sydney.
    🔹Think about that statistic.

    0.9 mil PR in Sydney are 17% of the Sydney Population, or 1 in every 6 people.
    And 0.22 million TV working illegally & 20k overstayers are 1 in every 22 people.

    Slightly lower figures & similar ratios for Melbourne.

    The 2.7 million third world unskilled migrant guestworkers (TR & TVWI) are long stay, very long stay, repeat & multiple visit stay. They work illegally, paying little or no tax. They are the epicentre of foreign criminal run illicit & blackmarket activity. All fact with extensive evidence.

    They displace at least 1.6 million Australian jobs (the reason they are here), and occupy established housing – some 440,000 dwellings nationally. (2.7 million / 6 average migrant guestworker occupants = 450,000 ex Australian, over 90% being established modest dwellings) now converted to migrant guestworker occupancy.

    Over a quarter of a million dwellings in Sydney alone in migrant sublet cash in hand room & bunk share.

    They use public transport, have cars, create congestion and contention.

    They have debased education (fallen 10 places globally), services, living standards, employment, wages, ownership & our living standards.

    The ‘migration debate’ needs to shift to the facts.

    It’s a national crisis.

    The first pragmatic and most ethical step is to exit the TR & TVWI migrants who are working illegally, in visa breach, or on fake & pretext visas.
    They would be illegal in any other country and they are illegal here.

    ➡️ 1.5 million TR & TVWI should be exited either on visa breach or not suitable.

    🔻440,000 illegally working tourists (TVWI) need to be exited. It’s simple border & visa control, location & activity tracking standard in every other country.

    🔻580,000 of 624,000 TR fake students & partners to go.
    570,000 are doing nonsense low level courses that have no international recognition. To be exited rapidly by removing work rights, checking funds, forcing disclosure of source of funds and activities, and massive fines / jail for employers or labor syndicates hiring them.
    Only post grad fully funded foreign students, partners can not work, courses paid in full and immediate exit on completion, like other OECD countries.
    No path to PR, exit and apply offshore.

    Most of the foreign students (73%) are in visa breach in working illegally, many fake partners, or not genuine students.

    The whole program is uneconomic, they are not an ‘export’

    International student program economics.

    The total declared funds of all TR yearly is only $4.5 billion, self declared or routinely faked. The foreign students are only $1.8 billion of that, only $0.6 billion is checked.
    Most foreign students arrive with little actual money, only the first semester paid & in loan debt to a foreign agent procurer with fake funds. Blackmarket job & illegal sublet bunk share organised by the foreign agent procurers before arrival.
    They then form an onshore blackmarket sub economy of some $31 billion, only pay $7 billion in fees for their course ‘alibi’ and the rest consumed in living costs or $9 billion going offshore to the foreign agent procurer or family remittances. (World Bank & Western Union Remittances 2017)

    ALL that money was earned here, usually illegally or in vice (which perversely is legal), transferred or laundered onshore or then sent out.
    Not an export, but massively GDP negative including unemployment & housing impacts to Australians of an additional $19 billion.
    The entire foreign student program is run & corrupted by foreign criminal syndicates & traffickers top to bottom.
    Normalise to OECD levels & standards.

    🔻230,000 non NZ born TR SCV of the 650,000 NZ SCV need to have work rights withdrawn & be exited. Send them back to the NZ transit stop. The Aust / NZ SCV to be only for NZ or Aust Born, not a backdoor for mass third world unskilled.

    🔻250,000 ‘skilled, sponsor, bridging, protection’ fakes. Legislate in the national interest to override the Immigration Appeals Tribunal who make a mockery of all our border or visa control at all.

    90% bridging & protection claims end up being proven false, but are used by migrants as a delaying tactic in many multiple appeals to stay for many years with full work rights.

    Clear this backlog to a decision within 30 days, a number under 5,000, & any subsequent appeals only after exit and from offshore. And no work rights.
    We need to deal with this migrant intake crisis by taking it out of the hands of the political parties, vested interests & the media who have repeatedly betrayed Australians and their own charter in their barrage of pro intake propaganda & lies, ‘any other view is racist’ or such slurs.

    ➡️We need these facts on the table & a Royal Commission into the migrant intake & visa controls.

    Only a Royal Commission provides an assurance to Australians that legislative border control & enforcement changes will be made, not empty political promises.

  7. Robyn archer
    Robyn archer says:

    Of all of total migrant intack eg in last 10 yrs How many go immediately onto welfare upon entry to Australia and remain to be a drain on our over generous welfare and drain on infrastructure such as queue jumping on public subsidised housing??????


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