QANTAS Chooses China Over Australia

Understandably, aviation has been hit hard this past year due to COVID, but to drop 2,000 workers on their backsides once JobKeeper subsidies end in March in place of a Chinese contract company is just disgraceful.

The Chief Executive who earned $23.9 million in 2018 will allegedly save the company $180 million over 5 years.

You have to question what type of service the airline will provide passengers and how this will affect Australia's aviation safety record by stripping that kind of money out of the ground crew and baggage workers.

The sting in this story is that the contract will go to a wholly-owned Chinese company after a more competitive Australian company bid for the same contract.

The Chinese have already turned their back on a respectful relationship with Australia. It appears one of our biggest airline carriers has too.

We'd like a please explain!

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

We oppose QANTAS’ announcement sacking 2000 workers and outsourcing these positions to Chinese contract workers.

QANTAS asked existing loyal employees to ‘bid’ for their positions and now use COVID as the excuse to reject the Aussie workers’ fair and reasonable ‘bid’.

These everyday Aussie battlers deserve so much more than to be treated like this by QANTAS at Christmas time.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate:

Take immediate steps to provide relief for the sacked workers; prohibit Australia’s so-called ‘national carrier’ from outsourcing the positions, and urgently enact legislation that prohibits the national carrier doing this ever again.

If you’ve just found out about this issue, follow this link for more information:

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Will you sign?

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