Media Alert - 29th April 2020 RE: QLD Election 2020


29th April 2020

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation have stepped up their call for candidates ahead of the October Queensland election by posting a series of Facebook ads.

The party leader used her own social media site with an image that said, “Queensland needs your help”, and a link to the newly launched party website.

Senator Hanson said, “Not even the coronavirus has prevented the party forging ahead with its pre-selection process, with most applicants doing their interviews via Skype or Zoom and our staff operating from home or our new Eagle Farm offices.”

“Queensland has been left in a hell of a mess under Labor, with farmers the biggest victims of the Palaszczuk government.”

“I want to see grand-scale water projects started, including the Bradfield Scheme. Queenslanders want manufacturing and industry brought back to the state and job opportunities for our regions.”

"Labor’s only vision for Queensland was to hire more public servants and issue whopping big pay rises to them at a time we can least afford it."

“Trust me, One Nation will be building opportunity for Queensland, not tearing it down."

The One Nation leader believes her party will play a pivotal role in the state election and hopes to hold the balance-of-power to ensure common-sense decisions are made in the interest of all Queenslanders and not just those in the southeast corner.

“Queensland has an inept opposition leader who has already announced plans to give preferences to the Greens at this election. I’m not only shocked but frightened of a future Labor / Greens coalition running the state.”

“I can assure Queenslanders right now that the Green’s will go last on One Nation how-to-vote cards."

One Nation will run in 91 Queensland electorates and will unveil its first wave of candidates over the coming weeks, but is seeking 32 additional nominations for seats not yet filled.

Senator Hanson said, “If people have the ambition to see their region better represented and a goal to reignite Queensland’s prosperity, I want to hear from you.”

“I want team players. People who have life experience and men and women who aren’t afraid to speak up and work.”

She also offered a warning to prospective applicants, saying, "Don’t bother applying if you only want to wear a suit and swan around the corridors of Brisbane. Those people can bugger off. Parliament is full of those types already.”

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Media Contact: Neil Symes – Candidate Coordinator- 0450 846 716



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