Raj Guruswamy for QLD Senate

Raj is a mechanical engineer with an MBA, who played a key role in establishing Adani’s operations in Queensland and also in re-establishing Australian logistics company Linfox in Southeast Asia. 

He arrived in Australia from India in 1992 and became a citizen in 1995.

Raj says he and One Nation are not against migration but want more sustainable migration, with an annual cap set at less than half the projected figure.

He says, "I don't think I've heard Pauline Hanson say, 'We should stop immigration'. She's talking about sustainable immigration where the infrastructure — the housing, water, transport, energy, etc. — can cope with the population."

Raj is an expert with a great deal of experience in the transport and resource industries in Australia and overseas, and in dealing with government bureaucracies and red tape. All attributes that will make him an invaluable addition to the One Nation Senate team.

"For me, leadership is all about influence," he said.

"If I can influence the government and other people to do something right, where Australia is able to develop infrastructure and become a manufacturing country.

"The majority of my working life has been in Australia. The simple reason to get citizenship was to say that I am part of Australia because I love this country and want to contribute."

Raj has been an Australian citizen and resident for longer than many people who were born here, and his contribution to his adopted country has already been extraordinary. He has directly created thousands of Australian jobs with his work for Adani and other companies, and more recently he has had a strong interest in natural health.

Australia is a better country because of Raj’s contribution. He is dedicated to Australia and Queensland. This is his home as much as it is for any other Australian.

Raj is an excellent candidate with a great deal of expertise in two industry sectors absolutely essential to Australia’s economy: transport and resources.

Pauline Hanson is delighted that Raj has joined her on the senate ticket because she’s worked with him for many years in her effort to bring back Australian manufacturing and innovation – in other words, creating yet more Australian jobs and improving our sovereign capability and self-sufficiency.

If elected, Raj plans to make this his priority.

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Raj is an expert with a great deal of experience in the transport & resource industries in Australia & overseas, and in dealing with govt bureaucracies & red tape— all attributes that will make him an invaluable addition to One Nation's Senate team #auspol