Police unhappy with $30 million dollar compensation paid to Aboriginals on Palm Island

A few of you have raised with my office today the $30 million dollar compensation package offered by the Labor Government to the Aboriginal people on Palm Island for the way police responded to a riot after a death in custody.The Labor Party have chosen to give the 447 residents of Palm Island an equal share of $30 million dollars which works out to to just over $67,000 each.Police are furious over the Labor Governments decision and I wanted to know what the general feeling is amongst the public?#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #NineNews #PalmIsland

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rioters get $30 million Payday from Taxpayer

A few of you have raised with my office the $30 million dollar compensation package offered by the Labor Government to the Aboriginal people on Palm Island for the way police responded to a riot after a death in custody.

The Labor Party have chosen to give the 447 residents of Palm Island an equal share of $30 million dollars which works out to to just over $67,000 each.

Police are furious over the Labor Government’s decision and I wanted to know what the general feeling is amongst the public?


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  1. John Drew
    John Drew says:

    This must be first prize in the Queensland competition to waste taxpayers money. No wonder the Queensland Government runs such large budget deficits.

    • Geoff Schleehauf
      Geoff Schleehauf says:

      Labor always gives to those in a method of buying votes. Nothing more, nothing less. We wouldn’t have political parties if it wasn’t for the management of the country. Even that is questionable, particularly the way they have developed into nothing more than deceitful groups to ensure that they get as much for themselves before they get kicked out. Basically, all parties are working on the same principles but use their backroom schemes to actually administer the same thing. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Cater to the UN and to those individuals who will vote for you to ensure that the corrupt system that has developed since Federation will continue to fill the pockets of those groomed to the political persuasion of the member’s choice. We need a more transparent political system with a performance based payment and pension introduced for politicians. If they stuff up, they miss out on their perks, Of which, should equate to the length of time in power, not lifetime golden eggs that suck the guts out of the financial system.
      As far as what has occurred on Palm Island, this is disgusting. My brother-in-law worked on Palm Island many years ago when upgrades were being carried out on the airstrip. He often spoke of the children rushing out and standing in front of his fully laden water tanker and believed that if he had hit one, it would be subject to huge compensation claims. These people have to take responsibility for their actions and for those of their community that wish to break the laws of the land. If they don’t want to play the game then they must become self sufficient communities in all respects. It is like this in most of their communities which is the reason why people/tourists are requested not to take photographs whilst traveling through their areas. Houses provided by the working Australians tax monies are made derelict by abuse and when it’s time for maintenance and repairs to be carried out, white goods and any surviving furniture is secured inside steel locked containers so that they can be returned to the refurbished home. Rarely though, does it get there, because the occupants demand and get new household items. Where does this sort of thing happen in the normal community? Why should such wasteful and destructive action be continually paid for by the rest of Australia? If they want to live as animals, let them, but they should not be bolstered by white man’s money. I appears they don’t want us for anything more than the money. It’s disgusting and it needs to be stopped. While the governments of this country treat them as protected species, nothing will change. The worst of it all is that there are those do gooders in the community that cannot/will not see the forest for the trees. The old saying, “You have to be cruel to be kind!” certainly rings true in this instance. Aboriginal people have to change their ways and drag themselves into the present and not continue living as primitive people. They have had more than 200 years with which to adapt but most have chosen not to. It hasn’t taken them long to realise that by claiming to be hard done by, they can continually put their hands out and get money thrown at them. Who in the community can purchase a vehicle, make three payments on it, jack up on making further payments and then having their requirements to repay the principle written off? It really stinks. It’s a pity that the .9% of my Nigerian blood doesn’t allow such luxuries. They have to stop feeling sorry for themselves and get up out of the dirt.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Give them NOTHING, being Aboriginal does not entitle you to special treatment. You can be sure that non Aboriginal communities would receive nothing.

    • Geoff Schleehauf
      Geoff Schleehauf says:

      Definitely agree with this. It seems that the current trend within our governments’ is to bash the white man for whatever garbage blows in with the wind. Our Labor parties and greens seem intent on running this country into the ground by giving obscene amounts of money to either the aborigines or illegal immigrants, along with depriving our own younger people the opportunities to get higher education by throwing money at the African’s, boat people or whoever sticks their heads up like a prairie dog. I believe that the money that goes into revenue within this country should be spent, subject to the approval of the majority of Australians , NOT wasted in the manners that we have witnessed in he past ten years or so. We desperately need decent infrastructure that assists our farmers and country communities. So much money is spent within the urban areas whilst those in the bush are left to struggle as best they can with droughts, poor roads and very little medical coverage. Instead of giving away billions of dollars to those who disrespect our customs and beliefs. If we had dams built in the north to collect monsoonal rains, this water could be directed south and to the west to help with food crops and maintaining basic stock reserves without overstocking. Australian born students should be backed to get higher education especially in the medical fields with money currently given to African people and depriving our own people of dealing with our own homegrown doctors and specialists. In the current circumstances, it is difficult to make yourself be understood by foreign doctors. I have mentioned in the beginning that the Labor and greens party’s are to blame for a lot of this, but the Liberals who currently hold Federal power, have been at the head of throwing money in great spade fulls via Julie Bishop to external UN backed causes when people within our own society are in serious need of help. Australia cannot and should not be seen as an endless money pit. Australians, including those who have called Australia HOME in the past have striven to make Australia what it is. Aborigine people have to accept that they are better off then before settlement and need to work together as Australians if they want to be better accepted. Currently, they have their hands out and don’t want to contribute. DNA percentages of their bloodlines need to be incorporated into those who obtain Aboriginal assistance so that white people claiming Aboriginal blood are not ripping off the system. They have had over 200 years to change their ways and a lot haven’t. The gravy train has to stop somewhere.

  3. David Lodge
    David Lodge says:

    Pay criminals for breaking the law ! I think it stinks I am 67 years old and cant even get a measly part pension because my partner has to work until she is 65 years and 6 months old,maybe I should start a riot and get paid for it because I am being discriminated against due to being white and having worked all my life.

  4. Ian
    Ian says:

    And I believe that the decision to award compensation was because the judgement concluded the police were racially motivated. What a joke. The vast majority of the population is aboriginal so anything the police do could be called racism. Do they call it racism when they hold out their hand for the welfare support….I don’t think so.

  5. Ken Wilson
    Ken Wilson says:

    the apparently for the people, good old labor party is buying the abo communities now with bribes. Can you believe this crap and how this will equate to future deaths in custody and how we as tax payers will be called upon to pay for some black fellow who was arrested for being reckless in the first place by causing community harm , hence being arrested, then we apparently will have to pay compensation fore the ares hole dieing in a prison cell and for what I ask? will we have to pay for a death .Where are the black community taking responsibility for there own actions.

  6. Marian Baranowski
    Marian Baranowski says:

    Let me know where the next riot is I gladly will take part. Getting $67.000 for a few hours is not a bad days job

  7. Sharyn
    Sharyn says:

    I think that the decision to pay such a massive payout is disgusting! They were rioting ! If it had been a white Australian in custody….would they have rioted ? NO! If a white Australian died in custody would there have been any pay out NO! Just because they are aboriginal they always get “the victim” card they always are treated with kid gloves, they don’t do the time like white Australians or any other Australian….PLUS they get more benefits & payouts JUST because they are aboriginal….we need to start protesting because WE are the ones being discriminated against ….they are the racists NOT the white Australians. ….so if he was in custody he had obviously broken the law, can guarantee he would have put up a big fight just to be arrested like they always do, he isn’t the first “person” to die “in custody” & I doubt he will be the last. I can’t remeber all the exact details of what happened but who is to say he wouldn’t have died anyway ??? Without being in custody ! How about everyone STOP breaking the law then there will be NO reason to be in custody in the first place……mmmmmmmmm I can just imagine the big booze party they will all have with that massive payout …..they get more than whites & never have to wait like we do ……any wonder white Australians are getting totally FED UP !!! I certainly am ! They need to start taking responsibly for their OWN ACTIONS, & start being treated as EQUALS to white Australians = same welfare not extra like they currently get more than us ! Government NEEDS TO STOP PANDERING TO THEM ALL !!! We are so far in debt stop all this stupid rubbish & payouts that shouldn’t happen in the first place stop sending money overseas & also giving refugees everything while Aussies just struggle to live day to day & have paid taxes ALL our lives …..most of them on the other hand have never worked a day in their life…. wouldn’t know what it was like to actually WORK for money !!!!!

  8. Warren Oram
    Warren Oram says:

    Before we start. I am a WASP. Am a 78 y/o old age pensioner with no assets, and definitely NOT a greenly. Checks and balances when it comes to handing out money. In todays publication by Pauline we see two demonstrations of ‘handouts’. The first which I am absolutely disgusted with is the $320,000,000 being handed out to Africa for which anything we get back is sure to be negative. Except with a bit of luck it will see Big Pockets Julie get the U.N. job she’s buying and have her completely out of our hair. If there is money to spare, give it to educating New Guinea, the Solomons and Pacific nations. Soon, very soon we are going to need allies and who better than those whose brains haven’t been poisoned as is the case with much of Africa. On to the Palm Island payout. First up, the police were not shiny bright in all their actions and frustration is a very strong motivator on both sides of any argument. But that aside, here is $30,000,000 being handed over to Australians. Yes, Australians, and most (if not all) of it will be spent in Australia.So it will be back in guvmint coffers pretty fast, but before that it will be circulating and creating jobs. How and on what it will be spent is up to the recipients and this gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their competence or otherwise. Cost to the taxpayers is (counting the whole population) about $1.20 each or if the argument is only half have jobs $2.40 each. Half a cup of coffee. The recipients will get about $67,000 each. (Wacko if you are a family of six.) Some of the money will finish up in each of our pockets whether its spent on houses, cars, beer, restaurants or sending the kids to flash schools. Perhaps they can combine their funds and buy the Island (It is beautiful) and build an Australian owned resort. We whities will be O.K..

  9. David
    David says:

    When one people within a community are exempt from complying with the law , how do you think the rest of the community will feel about that
    Do you think if they watch other people go unpunished for being lawless , and in fact get rewarded for their lawlessness, the rest of the community will think that’s fair
    These la la land courts and judges need a big clean out

  10. Robyn Todhunter
    Robyn Todhunter says:

    We need to rally together and out a stop to this unfettered Marxist Matriarchy in Queensland. Enough is enough.

  11. Gus
    Gus says:

    Well, Well the brains of the country, ( Sorry did I say brains !! )spend more time running around the planet, next thing you hear about is, PENSIONERS will be re-cycled as blood & bone for parks & gardens, so all together now …………… ash’s to ash’s, dust to dust, BACK to the garden go you must. …………………….. I don’t know of any pensioner with $$$$$$$$ on TAX FREE ISLANDS, or money in every Capitol City, instead of wife’s or girl friends, SORRY, SORRY, I forgot, Australian TAX payers money, being spent in every Capitol City, Australian’s have not got a clue where there TAX is spent, because closed doors won’t let the Australian Citizen in, but will tax the hell out of them, with NO input, as we are regarded as too illiterate to recognize a CON artist. ( ah! well, voting was never much good, if you hope to be told the truth, alive today RE_CYCLED tomorrow. ) …………………………. Welcome to Asiaozz, Hey! wait a minute that’s not the way you spell Australia, ….. I think.

  12. Gus
    Gus says:

    Once again a sorry Sorry I should have included every capitol city on the planet, while pensioners can’t afford petrol to got to the Dr. or Chemist.

  13. Mark Mcleod
    Mark Mcleod says:

    What an absolute joke,you couldn’t make this stuff up,I’m not sure how to forward this to Andrew Bolt,I’m sure he would love this.Mark.

  14. Tom Phillips
    Tom Phillips says:

    I have worked and lived in Indigenous Communities in Qld–NT and WA spanning 12 years. I have never found the Police to be racist in fact completely the opposite.Many occasions I have been under threat from the Indigenous residents because of some of the decisions I have had to make. In those times the Police have always been very supportive. These Communities should start taking responsibility for there own actions.

    • Mick Zerafa
      Mick Zerafa says:

      Most people who have helped aboriginals share your experience , and often give it up because they are sick of being a used as a door mat . Throwing money at them every time they riot sends the worst possible message.

  15. Tim
    Tim says:

    They’re laughing all the way to the bank. How much did it cost for the emergency response and the rebuilding of torched buildings? Add that to the $30m bill.

  16. Paul Wolf
    Paul Wolf says:

    I am seething! Australia has gone mad! Where is all this money coming from? Oh! The fairy jar in the garden of course! Wake up Government!

  17. Bill Tippett
    Bill Tippett says:

    $30M RORT!! Paid out to 447 individuals, I believe. Wrong, wrong, forking wrong.Regardless of what was the cause of the riot IT CAN NOT BE JUSTIFIED!! MORE REWARDING THE PERPETRATORS AND WHO CARES ABOUT THE OTHERS!!
    This makes it blatantly clear that if you break the law and claim to be a victim YOU WILL BE COMFORTED WITH COMPENSATION!! Were all the people on Palm affected? Not possible!!
    labor manage law and order the same way of rewarding the the criminals. Look at juvenile crime in Qld & sudetoria!! Out of Control!! labor couldn’t run a sausage sizzle at bunnings!!

  18. kevin thornton
    kevin thornton says:

    here we go again just pay them money and everything is apples, what a weak way of controlling law and order, the labor party appears to bend whenever the work aboriginal is used, what has our politicians turned into, for gods sake is there anyone with a backbone left in australia who is prepared to become a politician and use the word NO

  19. ALAN Bell
    ALAN Bell says:

    Think the police have a lot to answer to for beating a man to death in there care he was in a cell on his own, i think they should pay for there mistakes not us. they are still employed. any one in police custody for a minor offence could be on the receiving end of this treatment we see it on tv time after time they appear to be a law unto there selves..but 2 wrongs dont make a right handing out beer money is not the answer .

  20. Barry Godwin
    Barry Godwin says:

    Good old labour buying the abob vote , free hangouts, never on side of law and order , giving to wasters again

  21. Alison Williams
    Alison Williams says:

    Oh I see – aboriginals are the only one who had died in custody then? I was lead to believe that Australian citizens refer to all Australian citizens but apparently aboriginals are in a class of their own?? As long as they are seen in that light nothing will change I’m afraid.

  22. John Stoker
    John Stoker says:

    This outrageous “reward” for getting substantially angry, erupting into violence, destroying property and creating a threat to the lives of the police. What a screwball peace of appeasement to the populace – based purely on the media data available how can one conclude compensation is due for this incident?

  23. Jenny Brett
    Jenny Brett says:

    This is just a start of all the lefty lunacy that is happening in America. Wake up Australia and start voting these idiots out of politics.

  24. Henry Cini.
    Henry Cini. says:

    We, the voters, have elected certain individuals into positions where we expect representation of our views and desires. all of what we wish for, should benefit Australia and all of it’s citizens. Every day, waste of resources is occurring on a monumental scale. This 30 million dollars is just a tiny amount of this waste. The current inquiry into the Banks is just another example of how the “Elite” of this Country are stealing from the trusting customers/citizens . One Nation, is the Party that could and should become the Party that is true to Australia and all patriotic citizens . Our way of life must become sustainable. Wouldn’t it be the go, to send a list of “Dislikes” to the current Waste of Oxygen Politicians in Canberra and all States , with the message that, when nothing changes, our votes will do our talking . We the voters, can’t change the way Pollies think, but we can vote them out.

  25. Dawn Bell
    Dawn Bell says:

    What is our country coming to? our governments and Judicial System our a complete JOKE. This is all borrowed money..from the Tax Payer Dollars, and we don’t have a say. These clowns shouldn’t even in government. They are criminals themselves, stealing from the Australian People.

  26. Yvette
    Yvette says:

    What difference will the money make to them … not a thing!!! they will possibly spend it on more booze & cause another riot.
    It is so unfair that all this money is being paid to aborigines, if they abided by the laws of their land this would not happen.
    I am angry that $30 million is being compensated to them, what about is elderly pensioners struggling here in our country we don’t get hand outs of any kind, so why should they!!!

  27. C Pickering
    C Pickering says:

    Who exactly has decided to spend our 30million? Was it 1 judge in particular? Was it a couple of Labour Ministers? I want to know who, and they should be showing their faces in public and telling us how they chose that exact sum of money?

    Then we can all vote to fire them on the spot. Each person voted into office as representatives of US must be held responsible for the decisions they make in OUR names. In short, the workers (read tax-payers) are tired of our cash being given to the criminals, the property damagers, the tantrumizers and protecting the rights of those who behave in a way that removes their rights!

    QLD is waiting for Federal Funding for infrastructure projects, educational projects, sporting stadiums and cultural facilities, while giving $30million to people the majority of QLDers do not agree are worthy of it. This is fundamentally wrong. Why positively reinforce bad behaviour? So…just burn buildings, frighten people, ruin lives and get payouts for doing so?

    Sure, a bad thing happened, but rioting is never the answer. I will never condone such a response and yet giving money does.

  28. C Pickering
    C Pickering says:

    Additionally, hand Palm Island back to them. Pull everyone out. Stop all financial, political, economic and legal support.

    If we are the enemy – remove the enemy. Then ignore them as they turn on each other instead.

  29. Costa
    Costa says:

    Vote Labour and work hard to give the taxes away to criminals . GREAT !! Why does Labour not just pay them out of their Politicians pay and see how they feel. Not that the coalition is much better at controlling tax payers money.

  30. PBraun
    PBraun says:

    This is typical of our Australian reverse racial treatment,,,, Racist treatment against Whites,,,, If this happened to a white group instead of Indigenous the white people would get Nothing,,,, HOW IS THIS FAIR?? How do we expect the police to carry out their work?? Our laws have gone mad and need correction !!!!!!!!!

  31. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    The legal system in australia is in shambles, the judges who are appointed to the bench to make these decisions are human beans just like we are but have nobody supperior above them to answer to and can throw our cash about at their discression, as like the marbo decision which was made some years ago a pannel of five judges were apointed and two of the five judges objected to the claim but but the green light was given for a massive pay out of hard earnt tax payers money, and now mainly because of that decision a flow on affect has occurred and the white man will have his hand in his pocket for ever while the indigenous will sit at home every day being paid with white mans money while we work our fingers to the bone to pay large taxes to support our irresponsible fat gutted politicians like the parasites who decided to release the massive pay out to the palm island community , aboriginies are treated like our high ranking sporting so called heroes as was said by a retiring judge they if convicted of an offence will get a leaner sentence then you or i if convicted of the same offence. I believe this country should become a republic and all laws that exist today that have existed for centuries should be torn up and new appropriate laws of modern day life negotiated

  32. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    With referal to my comment earlier on the palm island pay out i can assure all aboriginal and island people they may bluff out arigant irresponsible fat gutted politicians in this state and other states of Australia but the white race of this country have had enough of the shit they carry on with and it is only a matter of time before we whites rebell and blood shed will occur, it is a crying shame to think our for fathers fought so hard to bring this country to what it is today fo the benefit of their families and families there after to be shattered by the laws existing today that favour the black minority and may i say these laws are not laws put in place by the black but by the over paid police commissioners of each state and territory, should a rebellion occur the gutless politicians and judges will retreat into hiding until it is over and the whites will then be blamed . I suggest to all whites out there when voting day comes around do not forget this day and please put the two gutless major party arse holes last when you cast your vote

  33. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    As a past liberal national party voter and was for many years with the exception of possibly three years, I find it hard to believe that the two major parties are turning their backs on the white hard working Australians who like their fathers and mothers before them have worked so hard to build this great nation to what it is today to be treated in the way we are , the indigenous of this country have done nothing to contribute to what we have today, except for a handful who have had the intelligence to know that to survive in this wonderful country you have to contribute in some way or form, and not like the indigenous bludgers of today try to convince the white race that they are the owners of this country and the white race stole it from them, if they believe that is the truth then i question why can’t we as invaders of their country ask the government of today to charge them land rites for the time they occupied and romed this land before white man arrived, They didn’t build this planet it evolved through time through the combination of various gasses, or is that to complicated for our so called intelligent po
    Iiticians and judges, in answer to my own question, yes it would be !

  34. Tom
    Tom says:

    Who voted on that decision? I wasn’t asked! Let’s pull the police out of Palm Island and let the blacks look after themselves…


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