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Richard has worked in Regional Australia all his life: in government, emergency services, education, for the Federal Parliament, and in his own small business.

"I’ve worked all over the Riverina as an educator for the NSW State Emergency Service for 15 years, as well as in my own small business in automotive trades for the past 10. I know first hand - you just can’t get workers to fill jobs. Try employing a mechanic! But it’s in so many areas - healthcare, trades, and professional jobs.”

"Businesses just can’t get people. Try employing a mechanic! University is the new Year 12 leaving certificate, and the TAFE sector is hopelessly inadequate to train the workforce we need. The connection between government funding, industry and workforce needs, and the training and education provided — it’s just not coming together."

"Added to that, universities say they are doing great work with foreign students. What they are actually doing is selling Visas to immigrate. All those students are aspiring immigrants. The quality of the education isn’t what’s fantastic, it’s the opportunity to use the student visa and the course to make up part of the points and time hoops a person needs to stay and get a permanent visa. It’s this, up against our need for a properly trained workforce. It’s a sad situation that preys on foreign young people to build academic empires, at the expense of Australian careers and productivity."

"I’m the man to help make a better education and training system that trains real students and apprentices to do real jobs. That, with One Nation’s policy of apprentice wage subsidies of 75% for the first year, 50% for the second year, and 25% for the third year — we can fix this absolute failure by the major parties."

Part of his emergency services background is Emergency Risk Management which simply involves working out all the things that can become an emergency, and putting controls in place to stop them from happening.

"You thought the great 2020 Dunny Paper Crisis was huge. Then came Adblue, we couldn’t buy it and we weren’t making it here. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

"The world has become a strange place where we import 93% of our petrol, diesel, and jet fuel, and our 'strategic reserve' of crude oil is sitting in the USA. That’s pretty risky. Without fuel, we starve. Forget electric cars in 30 years — we run out of fuel in 14 days, and then the supermarket is empty. We have to be energy independent, and Australia needs to refine our own fuel and insulate ourselves against these wild price hikes. We can do it. One Nation is fully committed to cheap, reliable, secure energy, and Pauline Hanson has it as one of One Nation's central policies."

Richard knows all politics is local at heart. He worked as an assistant to the former Member for Hume, Alby Schultz, and got a good apprenticeship in how to advocate for local communities in the electorate.

"Half of what is now Riverina was once Hume, and Hume is now a Western Sydney electorate. Country people are my folks. That basic local member’s job of handling people’s problems and giving advice - that’s in my blood. Country Roads, costs of living, access to education, family law and child support issues, farmers needing a better deal with water and to cope with bad seasons, emergency services, and disaster management. That’s where I’m the guy to represent you as well as anyone from a major party."

Richard is offering a real alternative for Riverina if elected.

"I will be a great local member. I will run a commonsense, respectful, and caring government. I will clear the decks on some of the craziness we’ve been flogged with for years, such as Coronavirus, Climate Craziness, and Woke PC madness. We can have a One Nation Government, but I need your support!"

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Richard is offering a real alternative as a great local member who will run a commonsense, respectful, & caring government. He'll clear the decks of the craziness we've been flogged with over the past few years. Vote for a #OneNationAus government #auspol