Billy O'Grady for Robertson

Former Royal Australian Navy (RAN) member and proudly Australian, One Nation’s candidate for the seat of Robertson, Billy O’Grady, grew up in the small country town of Kurri Kurri in the core of the coal-mining Hunter region. 

Billy enlisted into the RAN as a Marine Technician at age 17 and proudly served for over 10 years, working across various different platforms in an effort to provide exceptional capability to the Navy’s mission.

He is also an avid sporting shooter and motorsports enthusiast in his spare time.

Billy O’Grady had previously never considered a career in politics; however, he has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, retains what he has learned, and is never satisfied with the simplest of explanations. These qualities make him an outstanding leader and the perfect candidate to bring our country back on track. He has an avid interest in boosting more opportunities for education in both the industrial and health sector in the future. Billy has always got the people’s concerns at heart.

"Without apprenticeships, there will be no tradespeople. Without the tradies, there will be no workers. Without workers, Australia stops. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of the One Nation team," he says.

In an effort to bolster homegrown tradesmen and women, One Nation will increase its national apprenticeship scheme whereby first-year apprentices receive a 75% wage subsidy, followed by 50% in the second year, and finally 25% in their third year.

"Australia’s health system was beyond capacity prior to COVID-19 and evidently inadequate in regional parts of the nation. One Nation recognises the need to bolster the number of regional doctors, nurses, and other critical health professionals. In an effort to encourage better regional medical services, One Nation will introduce three-year contracts for newly qualified medical professionals and in return pay their HECS-HELP loans in full."

With Billy’s love of the water and the land, he understands the importance of One Nation’s plan to provide low-cost and lower emission power stations.

"Thousands of jobs are impacted by the threats to our coal sector which the major parties want to diminish. We will keep those jobs by sustaining coal-fuelled power stations. This reduces the cost of living and provides new job opportunities with the construction of new lower emission and efficient plants."

Billy supports One Nation policies that will apply a national plan that guarantees low-cost, reliable, dispatchable power by building new low-emission coal-fired power stations. "We will restore Australia’s essential 90-day fuel security policy with on-shore oil reserves and the capacity to refine fuels for domestic supply. Australia’s abundant natural resources should be for the prosperity of our own citizens instead of our global competitors. One Nation supports the investigation of nuclear power in Australia," he says.

"I will be advocating for Robertson's sporting shooting interest. As a keen shooter, I have seen the squeeze placed on law-abiding gun owners by the major parties and their intentions to tighten these further. As a member of One Nation, I will stand beside you."

One Nation supports responsible gun ownership and will preserve the current laws which allow law-abiding citizens access to firearms, whether it be for work, farming, or sports-related activities. We do not believe that further stringent measures or regulations are required regarding licensing. One Nation calls for stricter border security and tougher sentencing for gun crimes and traffickers.

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Billy O’Grady had previously never considered a career in politics; however, he has the drive and qualities that make him an outstanding leader and the perfect candidate for Robertson to help bring Australia back on track. #OneNationAus #AusPol2022 #auspol