Hon. Robin Scott MLC

Hon Robin Scott MLC was sworn-in on 22 May 2017 as a Member of the Legislative Council of Western Australia, representing Mining and Pastoral Region for Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

"My name is Robin Scott, I am 63 years old and Australia has been my home for 47 years. I was born in Scotland and came to Australia with my parents in 1970. I served a five year electrical apprenticeship in Fremantle.

I started working in the mining industry in 1980 in the Murchison area and have run my Electrical contracting business since 1984 with workshops and offices in Mount magnet, Meekatharra and Canningvale. Through hard work my business has been very successful and the people who have worked for me have contributed to my success and to them I will always be grateful. I have two adult children and four Grandchildren and this is my main motive to get this country back on track again.

I have been interested in Politics for the last thirty years and have been forced to vote at every election for the best of a bad bunch. Pauline Hansons One nation has now given me the opportunity to help repair our Political system and change the way it is conducted here in Australia.

I still remember the times when jobs were available if you wanted to work. Today’s job figures are a sad indictment of both sides of Politics. They have allowed and sanctioned the deterioration of our manufacturing industries and are slowly strangling our Agriculture and Pastoral industries forgetting the huge financial contribution both industries contribute to the wealth of the nation.

We have every natural resource the world wants and we still can't make a quid, and this is due to poor poor management from our Politicians. We need people in power who can negotiate good deals for Australia and for the large corporations, a fair deal is good for everyone concerned and a long term stable future is the outcome.

I have listened to the electors in the bush and jobs are a main issue, yet the government continues to allow new immigrants to compete for less and less positions. Law and order is spoken about daily in the media outlets but nothing seems to be done to improve this growing problem, although if you live in the western suburbs it is not a real issue for the residents. We need Police on the beat and on the road and we need to replace many of our Judges and Magistrates with people who will administer the law correctly and stop this revolving door for re-offenders.

We still live in the best country in the world, this is not because of good policies or politicians but because of everyone who goes to work everyday and pays their taxes always hopeful that things will improve. Well this is your chance, myself and PHON will do what we say, Please help me help Australia."

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