Rod Roberts Debunks Climate Emergency Hysteria

When it comes to fighting back against the dangerous and manipulative climate change alarmist lies spread by the Greens, One Nation leads the fight.

While the Liberals might be worried about offending the sensibilities of the inner-city latte-sipping crowd, One Nation politicians like Rod Roberts don’t hesitate to tell it how it is, using facts and logical arguments to blow the hysterical Greens out of the water.

One of the newest pieces of propaganda being spread by climate alarmists is that the recent bushfires we have had are a result of a so-called “climate emergency.”

Truth is anyone who knows anything about history or has a lick of common sense, knows that Australia has a long and tragic history when it comes bushfires, a history that goes back over hundreds of years.

And if you were not aware of our nation’s long battle against bushfires, then you need to watch Rod’s response to the Greens disgraceful claims about the causes of bushfires.

And feel free to share it with anyone who you see spreading alarmist claims. The more we are people with the truth, the less effective the lies spread by climate alarmist become.

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