Roger Smith for NSW Senate

Born in England, Roger served in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, including war service in the Falklands in 1982 before migrating to Australia as a member of the Royal Australian Navy in 1983. However, with the newly elected Hawke Government’s decision to cancel the purchase of HMS Invincible and the virtual disbandment of the Australian Fleet Air Arm Roger left the RAN after a short engagement. Shortly after he joined the Australian Federal Police and served in the ACT and Queensland for nine years before transferring to the Queensland Police Service where he served in Townsville and Brisbane before being medically retired due to sustaining a serious injury while assisting a woman in a domestic violence situation.

Seeing this as an opportunity Roger enrolled in university and gained a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of the Sunshine Coast and a master’s degree in International Relations from Macquarie University. Since then, Roger has worked in government agencies as a Continuity and Resilience Manager, and Security Advisor.

Roger says, “When I first came to Australia there was a real feeling of potential, a sense that this was a country on the brink of something, like a coiled spring, about to be released. But sadly, over the last forty years, that has been replaced by a feeling of stagnation and despair. Successive governments have undermined and hollowed out that drive and determination I felt when I first came here. It is still there, in the heart of the Australian people, but held back and stymied by governments more interested in ideological grandstanding than Australian interests.

"Too many jobs have moved overseas, too much expertise has been lost and not replaced as successive governments wind down manufacturing in Australia and sell Australian interests off to foreign investors.

"There is no drive within government for nation-building or infrastructure. The reverse is true, undermining Australia’s ability to do these things with a scientifically unsustainable ideology that is destroying our manufacturing ability. All the while making everyday Australians’ lives harder, more expensive, and more controlled.

"We need a return to Australian values, Australian jobs and as one nation, rebuild our pride in what we are and in what we can achieve, together.”

Roger lives with his wife of over 35 years, Annette, in the Northern Rivers of NSW. He has three grown children, each of whom has a career serving Australia.

Under a pseudonym, Roger is also an award-winning author of three crime/mystery/thriller novels.

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Roger says too many jobs have gone offshore and too much expertise has been lost and not replaced as successive governments wind down manufacturing in Australia. We need to bring back Australian values and rebuild our great nation #OneNationAus #AusPol2022