Sarah secures $75,000 to help rescue RSL cemetery

Sarah Game and her One Nation team have secured $75,000 to help rescue a South Australian rural cemetery run by the local RSL branch. 

The final resting place for over 550 veterans and their spouses, the Port Lincoln cemetery has long been maintained via annual Federal Government grants of $25,000 plus donations. 

However, the federal funding was withdrawn in June, forcing the small team of ageing volunteers to attempt to source funding via a GoFundMe campaign. 

Half of the $5000 GoFundMe target has been reached, with the money set to be spent on cemetery maintenance, including replacing the facility’s automatic watering system to ease the workload burden on volunteers. 

However, after learning of the RSL branch’s plight via InDaily, Sarah went into bat for the RSL branch, raising the issue in state parliament. 

Sarah subsequently managed to secure a three-year funding commitment of $25,000 per year from the Malinauskas Labor Government to help maintain the war graves. 

“I was disappointed to read about the RSL’s situation, so I’m extremely pleased to be able to help this dedicated band of volunteers,” Sarah said. 

“The Port Lincoln cemetery is one of only four in Australia owned and maintained by the RSL, rather than local councils. 

“This is a matter of dignity – these war graves must be treated with respect, as recognised by the public support since the launch of the GoFundMe campaign. 

“This is a great outcome.”