Sarah Game Tackles Desperate Need for Urgent Mental Health Care for Men

In a big win for men’s health, Sarah Game MLC (South Australia) has secured $100,000 from the Premier for an urgently needed targeted and comprehensive advertising campaign to ensure greater awareness of the Grenfell Street Urgent Mental Health Care Centre and other like centres around the state. 

The statistics are damning: 

  • Australian men live, on average, four years less than women and have poorer health outcomes.   
  • Three-quarters of Australian suicide victims are men, with many refraining from seeking help.   
  • Studies indicate that 1 in 3 men are victims of family violence and abuse in Australia.   
  • Men face significant risks at work, with 97% of workplace deaths in Australia involving men, and they account for over 64% of serious injury claims.   
  • Men are especially vulnerable on our roads, with 70% of car crash fatalities in South Australia being male. 
  • Men are more prone to substance abuse, increasing their risk in various areas, including road safety. 

Due to a lack of public awareness, the Centre is underutilised, along with similar centres across the metropolitan area.  This increases suicide risks and places additional pressure on emergency departments. 

“It is important that organisations involving veterans, relationships, families, personal well-being, men’s sheds, youth centres, housing support, and the like can share this information through their networks.” 

“I am pleased the government will get the message out that low-barrier, walk-in mental health facilities, that men are more likely to use, are available.”