Say NO to Medical Apartheid

Join us in supporting NSW small business in their fight against discrimination



NSW Small Business owners are fighting to breathe. They have suffered under the current LIB/NAT Government lockdowns with revenue through the floor, bills to pay, staff to manage, and Government red tape to wade through.

For all the talk of Government support, many businesses are still waiting for support paymentssome months after making application.

Now we learn that these same struggling businesses are expected to accept a system of vaccine passports: actively discriminate against fellow citizens and turn away dollars at their door because of someone’s private medical decision.

Customers will be forced to reveal their private medical history to a stranger just for the luxury of being able to enter a business or private establishment.


NSW One Nation stays “No. This is not the society that we want to support or endorse.”

Mark Latham, MLC, writes:

Look at the way in which the Government plan treats small business, which has already been decimated by the botched Sydney and NSW Lockdowns. To reopen in October, businesses need to comply with the following steps:

  1. Sack or stand down their unvaccinated staff, exposing themselves to unfair dismissal cases. Businesses may lose some of their best people who are simply waiting for the vaccine they feel safest with (especially given that AstraZeneca has killed 9 Australians) or are conscientious objectors.

  2. Register the health data of their staff with the Government and place an approved Government sign in their window (shades of Mussolini’s Rome).

  3. Act as compliance officers for the NSW Government by employing extra staff to check the vaccination papers of any customer trying to enter the business, including children.

  4. Turn away any paying customer (some of them who have been very loyal to the company) who doesn’t have a Vaccine Passport ID Card or isn’t willing to show their private health details to strangers.

  5. Put up with police marching through their premises to check everyone’s papers (shades of East Germany).

  6. If businesses do not comply, the Government has said it will fine the pants off them (see below).

  7. And at the end of the process, the business still has no guarantee that those entering its premises don’t have COVID (given that vaccinated people can catch and carry it). What a debacle!!

Watching the decision-making of the NSW Government today is like watching Keystone Kops in colour. Except these are dangerous clowns destroying lives and ending freedoms. We need to kick them out (and their Labor/Green soulmates) at the next election.

We stand with those businesses who wish to welcome all customers.

Please sign our petition and say “No” to medical apartheid.

Visit our Facebook page (link here) to download and print our free poster for your store window.

Donate and help fund our fight.



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