Say No To NSW Vaccine Passports

With no public consultation, the NSW minister for digital information, Victor Dominello has announced his plan for the introduction of Vaccine Passports.

For the first time ever, adults will have to reveal their private health information to strangers just to go shopping for food and live a normal life (cafes, restaurants, cinema, sporting events, travelling around, children going to school). People without a Vaccine Passport will also lose their jobs in many workplaces.

The privacy and freedom implications of this are huge.

This goes well beyond QR codes, right to your private health information.

This is to force everyone to be Covid vaccinated, even though many people:

  • are waiting for clearer evidence about the safety of these vaccines, especially given that AstraZeneca has led to 6 Australians dying, with a further 90 blood clot episodes and over 28,000 reports of adverse reactions (official Commonwealth TGA data);
  • do not want the vaccines pushed upon their children;
  • have conscientious objections to vaccines on religious and other grounds; and
  • do not support the government holding and controlling so much private information about our lives.

It has not even consulted its own MPs about this dictatorial announcement.

NSW One Nation is opposed to Vaccine Passports. We believe the best approach is to offer the elderly and vulnerable the vaccines they want and allow anyone not wanting vaccines to deal with that risk as responsible adults.

No one should be punished for their vaccine choices. The vaccine choices of all Australians - whether for or against - should be respected. We must run our own lives rather than being under the control of Big Brother Government.

In Europe there are massive public protests and riots against Vaccine Passports, especially in France. They are very divisive. Whereas Sweden (which had no lockdowns) will have no Vaccine Passports, living freely. As Australia should.

Scott Morrison has said that Australia is aiming at 70-80% vaccination to achieve herd immunity so that COVID no longer circulates in the community. Why then are controlling Vaccine Passports needed?

Why has NSW announced them so early? This is just another government grab for power and control over our lives.

It’s wrong and unnecessary. One Nation will fight it all the way.

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