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Ursula was born and raised right here in Victoria to hardworking immigrant parents who instilled in her the same work ethic and determined attitude that she holds herself accountable to every day.

Her positive outlook on life has given her the drive and motivation to become a voice for everyday Australians like herself that see our beautiful 'lucky country' eroding away at the hands of career politicians that are out of touch with the average person. As a proud single mother, she wants her daughter to grow up in an Australia with people who live the Australian way of life—free, safe, proud, and instilled with a great sense of mate-ship.

"When my mother migrated to Australia in 1958 and my father in 1967, Australia was known as the lucky country. If you worked hard you could make a good life for yourself and your family, enjoying a healthy work-life balance. Neighbour helped neighbour, and Australia had a sense of comradery and free spirit. I have watched this slowly disappear as I have grown up which makes me sad."

Ursula has always had a keen interest in politics but never thought she’d be qualified as it appeared that all current politicians came from upper-class society and influential families. Her father was a tradesman and through hard work and long hours as a plumber was able to provide a good solid upbringing and full life for herself, her mother, and her two sisters. After high school, she studied hospitality at TAFE, and through this, she gained an appreciation for trades and non-university education. This provided her with a career spanning almost 20 years and allowed her to travel around the world, live in several countries, and experience other cultures and ways of life.

In 2019, Ursula embarked on a complete career change and entered the transport industry through a female driver program that was created to improve diversity in a male-dominated industry. She is employed as a semi truck driver and has made the most of opportunities during this time that has allowed her to grow her career and is now also licensed to drive a road train, is the elected health & safety representative, and a driver trainer. She considers herself very lucky to have been chosen for this program and would love to see more females realise that they have the same potential to follow their dreams and be a force to be reckoned with—even in male-dominated industries such as transport and construction.

"Pauline Hanson's One Nation has been instrumental in the development of apprenticeship schemes recognising that not everyone wants to go to university," she said. "Apprenticeships offer a rewarding career path for more Australians who want to get into the workforce and learn a trade to gain the skills Australia desperately needs in the wake of floods and other natural disasters. The One Nation policy is to boost the numbers of home-grown tradespeople by expanding the national apprenticeship scheme in which apprentices receive a 75% wage subsidy in their first year, 50% in the second year, and 25% in the third. This is a party that supports permanent and secure jobs for Australians first and foremost."

As a mother to a teenage daughter, Ursula knows the trials and tribulations that come with growing up in today’s society. Having dealt with the Family Court and surviving on a single income, Ursula understands how difficult life can be for the average Australian. She isn’t afraid to speak up for the truth and for the return of the Australian spirit, mate-ship, and values that were once the reason why people moved here from afar.

"As a single mother providing for my daughter on a single income, I have first-hand experience in making ends meet, living paycheque to paycheque, balancing the bank account each week, and I see the effects of the rising cost of living for the average Australian."

Ursula joined One Nation because the party's policies match her values and ethics. She feels she can no longer sit back and watch. She wants to be the voice of the people of Scullin and is asking for your support to help her ask the tough questions and hold the current politicians accountable for their actions, ensuring a fairer and more prosperous community and country, restoring freedom of choice, freedom of speech, security and opportunity.

"It’s time for change and for Australia to start down the path of returning to its once-famous title of the 'Lucky Country'."

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Ursula joined One Nation because the party's policies match her values and ethics. She feels she can no longer sit back and watch. It's time for a change, she says, and for Australia to return to being 'The Lucky Country'. #auspol #OneNationAus #auspol2022