Bleeding heart Senate sells Australias out!

I'm sorry to have to tell you but yesterday the Senate sold you out.Thanks to the Greens, Derryn Hinch, Centre Alliance (Xenophon), Tim Storer and Labor a bill was passed that will, weaken our border security and open the flood gates to illegal boat people again.And disgustingly they tried to team up, shut down debate and just ram it through.I was given just 5 minutes to speak out against them.This is what I had to say.

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Thursday, December 6, 2018

Senate Sells Out Australia for People Smugglers

I’m sorry to have to tell you but yesterday the Senate sold you out.

Thanks to the Greens, Derryn Hinch, Centre Alliance (Xenophon), Tim Storer and Labor a bill was passed that will, weaken our border security and open the flood gates to illegal boat people again.

And disgustingly they tried to team up, shut down debate and just ram it through.

I was given just 5 minutes to speak out against them.

This is what I had to say.

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  1. Rictor brown
    Rictor brown says:

    Well done pauline i applaud you , labour and liberal , will kill this country , i feel there acting on behalf of the un , everything you say is true, ,we as australians are a minority and it has to stop” now “

    • Ian cleary
      Ian cleary says:

      You are correct who signed the Lima agreement and look what is has done to australia. This must be promoted at every opportunity and private offshore accounts investigated and confiscated

  2. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Our politicians have one obligation: to look at the Australian people. The Champaign socialists of Labor/Greens have nothing but contempt for Australians. Sending jobs overseas, attacking our cultural institutions.
    As an ex-laborite I can say that working class Aussies are turning their backs on Labor.

    • Trish Dumbrell
      Trish Dumbrell says:

      Danny – I wish that was true…. going by how the last two elections have gone… most are voting for Labour… One just now voted labour in again even though their state has been totally struggling because of their lack of care and ignorance and greed and yes they are along with the Unions undermining the govt… or what is left of it…. and I don’t know what their pay off is…but Australians should be in fear of having the country run totally by Labour/Greens… trouble is not many people look at the history of those parties and what they stand for because there is proof in the pudding so to speak… not in Bill Shortens lip service!!!! There is so much happening behnd the scenes that the general public don’t hear about till it is too late.

  3. Carmen Spence
    Carmen Spence says:

    I am proud to be a member of One Nation, I have been a member from Many years ago, and am still feel that i am in the right Party, that has the courage to tell it how it actually is, and trying to do
    something about making it right.

  4. Darren
    Darren says:

    Love your work Pauline,please push for single dads my wife and I have payed out $10,000 dollars in court fees and lawyers to see our grand son for 4 hours a week a year later,my son contiplated suicide for his x putting VRO on him for no reason apart from she was scared of him,they give these VRO out to easy and turn the fathers into a criminal,these woman should be charged for lies my son 24 years of age has never been in trouble with police 👮‍♂️

  5. Wayne Learmouth
    Wayne Learmouth says:

    Well done One Nation for raising an important issue. Well done Mr Cory Bernadini for standing up when the other politicians tried to shout her down. Good to see One Nation and Australian Conservatives speaking together. Both parties should do more together. Keep standing up for Australia One Nation.

  6. Helen Woodhouse-Herrick
    Helen Woodhouse-Herrick says:

    Well said Pauline. Clean up our own backyard first. Of course these people over in Narau don’t want to go anywhere else. They want to get a foot into Australia because we are so soft. God help us if Labour get into power then the flood gates will open – just watch!

  7. Trevor Gunning
    Trevor Gunning says:

    Well done keep the bastard on their toes and honest.
    As the Senate is the house of review anything that undermines this should be treated as treasonous. Secondly I’m of the view that the majority of people in the majority of states is “the will of the people”. Any action by any party to undermine this should be outed!
    Keep up the pressure!

    • lisa
      lisa says:

      Pauline’s Speech was amazing and completely totally correct.
      They should not be able to pass these Bills that are National Security and Safety Risks.
      We will have to remind Australians that Labor is not for Australians.
      Also remember the damage they did last time they were in.
      National Referendums required.
      And the “So many Prime Ministers in recent years, yes Labor was one, Disastrous.
      Yes, Australians first, not make People Smugglers rich, I wonder if those that pushed it through get money from the People Smugglers.
      Photo Identification to vote and ensure no-one votes more than once.
      Have more vote counters and the parties representatives checking by mail votes.
      We need to have a NO PREFERENCE permitted option(real Democracy) with pen to cross a line through these unethical political parties and politicians we do not want to give any preference too at all let alone last.
      Some electoral areas only have a few candidates.
      The Greens used to be for the Environment and Wildlife/ Marine Life and other good issues (although some very not good policies)now they are Anti -Australian left wing fundamentalists.
      Pauline is right they are being paid to represent Australians.
      Constitutional we have the right to remove them. Our Magna Carta (good to get a copy)
      The Aboriginal People, Farmers , Foster Care, the list goes on… , need help, yes, Doctor’s in the outback.

  8. Wayne Short
    Wayne Short says:

    Good on you Pauline. You are the only one that has the guts to put the facts out there. What you say makes an awful lot of sense , and we and our families, as tax paying Australians , should dam well come before foreigners who are trying to sneak in the back door. The Left (and unfortunately Right) wing doo -gooderism scourge that is taking over our country is in my view a form of terrorism from within that we would all be much better without. You have my vote and my full support.

  9. Erika Little
    Erika Little says:

    Keep up the good work Pauline I give you credit for being the only one who has the guts to say what’s on most Australians mind. Why should Australian tax payers pay for someone who will probably live on welfare for most of their lives, no job opportunities as they can barely if at all speak the English language and not assimilate. Enough is enough?

  10. Alvar Dalton
    Alvar Dalton says:

    Well said Pauline! We should have a multiple question referendum regarding sending money to the UN, international assistance and ensuring that every, single Aussie has been provided access to the services they require. I look after prisoners and they get more than some elderly in nursing homes, they certainly get better care than some remote regions do. Keep fighting mate, don’t hold back.

  11. tony russell
    tony russell says:

    Don’t worry Pauline, come the revolution the Greens will be the first ones against the wall, and the useless senate, and the useless un Australian members of the senate will be no more.
    Well done for putting this issue so well to the hopeless non-believers, you did your best and it will never be forgotten.

  12. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    Pauline you rock!! Liason with Cory and Mark and kick ass big time in parliament! Can’t wait to give ONE NATION my vote next elections!!!

  13. Albert Riester
    Albert Riester says:

    I agree 100% that Australians should be given first preference over anyone in other countries. We have plenty of people here in need for help, before we give money to foreign aid.

  14. Richard Bucksey
    Richard Bucksey says:

    I’m angry at the way that Politicians in the UK are treating their people with contempt, instigating a Referendum to part ways with the undemocratic European Union and undermining the peoples vote.
    I am now even more angrier to find out that our Politicians here in Australia has the same mindset, and all set about throughout the Democratic World, by that useless and dictatorial organisation who along with other organisations and their ideologies want to change the World.
    For whatever reason they seem to think that they can dictate to Countries through out the World on how to Govern their borders and who and by what amount they allow immigrants into their Country. It is against the will of the people and our Politicians are in danger of voting themselves out of office. The UN needs to mind it’s own business and Australian Politicians need to heed what they do without informing the voting public.
    Well done to Pauline and One Nation for bringing their intentions out into the open.

  15. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    These traitorous rogue politicians are operating outside the Australian Constitution, they are not listening and are signing deals without our consent. These traitors have to be kicked out of Canberra. We deserve better than these monkeys spending and giving away our tax money to foreign aid and the UN. We didn’t consent to this.

  16. Elea
    Elea says:

    Thank you and good on you Pauline for looking out for Aussies.
    And yes as you say our first priority is to help our Indigenous children and our farmers, not illegals sneaking in through the back door. When they eventually get here their entitlement issues will continue. Our government needs to look at the issues the UK and Europe are dealing with and be warned – when borders aren’t strong – trouble arrives.

  17. Georges Estephan
    Georges Estephan says:

    Well said Poline , i feel always like you are reading my mind , the labor party and the liberal party they couldn’t care less about Australian people, i use to vote labor then i switched to liberals but not any more, there is only one party deserves my vote ONE NATION and i am proud i am a member now

  18. Richard
    Richard says:

    Thank you Pauline I love your work, you’re doing a great job to support the Australian people. I think the government has forgotten the oath that they taken to protect and serve the Australian people maybe they didn’t take one. I used to like the greens and I’m ashamed to say that I actually voted for them once never again. Thank you again Pauline for representing the Australian people not people from other countries.

  19. Kerry Hughes
    Kerry Hughes says:

    Hi Pauline and One Nation well done again. When is the Australian people going to wake up and remember not that far back when Australia was a great place to live and affordable. Now let’s see where we are now Hi wages, Hi rents, Hi fuel prices, Hi motoring costs, More Imports so our money goes overseas. What happened? We have no production of motor vehicles No oil refineries. No power stations that work yet the rest of world are so dum they still use clean coal from here LOL. So up goes our fuel prices, and our power bills. Which put up everything across the board well polies well done. Oh yeah I have to work a full year. I have my own business and never felt it so hard to stay afloat. Polies get a wage rise when ever they want paid by us the taxpayer. 15 day’s sitting till the next election again well done polies. Let’s go under the NZ government they seem to have all together there. Pauline Hanson tells the the truth from where I am standing and yes you have my vote.

  20. Paul Wolf
    Paul Wolf says:

    Thank goodness we have you Pauline to say it as it is! I am sick of PC and attitude of politicians who are only there to stay in Parliament! Wake up Australia, this is the election that must be thought through on how you vote!

  21. tom-paul
    tom-paul says:


  22. Stewart
    Stewart says:

    Pauline I am so glad that we have you in the Australian Government.
    The other parties are not listening and don’t seem to care about every day Australians.
    Thanks for your hard work and I hope Australia wakes up before it is too late!

  23. Cheryl Hall
    Cheryl Hall says:

    Pauline, proud to hear you speak and announce the facts, the truth, being well-spoken, thank you for speaking on behalf of Australians, who do not believe in the “Greens” paid to look after everyone else except…. Australians, yes you are right Pauline, indeed Aussies are frustrated to know how the parliamentary system works best for those who do not intend to, never will be proud to be Australian. Clean up our own backyard, couldn’t have said it better…. Please keep up the good fight and I applaud your speech, facts provided are long overdue and spoken with dignity
    and truth. ChesfromOz

  24. Sandra Neuhuber
    Sandra Neuhuber says:

    Stay strong Pauline we can all see what you are up against, our parliament is so treasonous & corrupt they are nothing but UN puppets and are selling us out with every breath they take, absolutely disgraceful really because none of us voters put them there. The rot set in when chairman Turncoat took the reins by knifing the elected PM in the back and we have all suffered ever since. You are the beacon that we all need now to light the way home, I have always said that you were the person we that needed in power we can only hope that the sheeple all feel the same as we do or we are all stuffed.!

  25. Nadine
    Nadine says:

    Pauline Hanson, you are a true representative of the Australian people. I’m shocked at the fact that the government has spent such a significant amount of money on medical assistance for immigrants as there are many families within Australia that struggle to afford medical assistance. Time and time again resources are being sent overseas while the Australians suffer.

  26. brian kitson
    brian kitson says:

    Well Pauline You are correct in what you say, Why do we need all these people from across the the seas to come here and treat it as their country with all the criminal acts they do. the Government spend more on them than they do on me and other Aussies. You have My Vote, you have since late 90’s. we redheads stick together.

  27. Lindsay Gibson
    Lindsay Gibson says:

    Well said Pauline, The problems with the children and their mental state eminates from the total lack of control and disapline of the parents. The lazy moronic parents should do as we do in
    Australia, that is, get up in the morning, feed and dress their children, walk them to school, ensure they are actually encouraged to learn, pick them up from school, talk to them about their day, bathe and feed them and have a night routine for them as we do here in Australia. But no… these slack uneducated morons sit around expecting to be waited upon.

  28. Steve Zielinski
    Steve Zielinski says:

    Well said Pauline and so true !!
    This apeech should be sent to every Australian citizen who cares for this country ! as it tells it how it really is ! I am so proud that we have you in the senate and you are a true believer in this country and it’s people
    I am proud to be a member of One Nation team the only party that says it truthfully !!

  29. Annie Hodson
    Annie Hodson says:

    We need Pauline Hanson as the leader to Australian people. We need her mind to look after our Australian country if not the Australian people and the country itself will going to be a hell country. We don’t need other leadership to role the Australian because they are ruining the Australian people’s life. We want you Pauline Hanson because you have the right set of mind for Australia and the people here.Thank you Pauline Hanson to stand up for Australian.

  30. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    I agree with all you said people need to wake up tell to look at Greece 🇬🇷 it was a Christian country now it’s two muslin fractions fighting each other the country is broke is this what they want for Australia maybe not in my time I’m old but what future is there for the children to come


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