Senate Votes Down Directing Foreign Aid To Australians First

On Wednesday, the senate voted down One Nation’s motion to divert foreign aid to relief assistance for drought, fire and flood victims across Australia.

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  1. Brian R Searle
    Brian R Searle says:

    you are tops Pauline showed up all the other gutless pretenders some of who spend their time fighting in the hall ways of PH

  2. Maureen Eves-Lavis
    Maureen Eves-Lavis says:

    This makes me oh so angry that our govt. give more to foreign countries rather than helping our own here. The fact that the senate voted it down is appalling. How can these people claim to be Australians and do this. It makes me ashamed of our politicians in this country.

  3. Deborah Carter
    Deborah Carter says:

    Oh Pauline the frustration you must go through week to week, hugs going your way.
    How could Labor or any of our Fellow Aussie Mates do this to Any Aussie Mate
    Hang your heads and think 5 yrs, 10 yrs in the future you won’t be looking into progress bur devastating higher population of “Sick, Depressing Souls” and you lot voted for it – compassion starts in fixing Your Own Backyard 1st. Conquer that then climb the Mountain of trouble with Illegals.

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    When will our politicians have the guts to look after the ones who give them all this money to give away to other countries? Almost every week we hear of our money being used by the politicians of other countries, we see them driving around in big flash cars and eating the best of food while their own people starve. Lets get rid of the crap who are running this country and elect a party who will run the country for the Australians who pay.

  5. Noreen Kewin
    Noreen Kewin says:

    I am appalled at the Senate’s decision. I intend to email (tomorrow, as it’s getting late now!) Senator Scott Ryan who is the President of the Executive Council as I believe he has questions to answer of behalf of the lot of them. I want an explanation of that decision without the usual claptrap and horsefeathers that usually issues forth from the mouths of the major Party Puppets. What have they got to lose by diverting the funds to help Australians? Are they afraid of world opinion? Are they fearful of a negative response from their pals the Americans? Do they need to be reminded that the people they are refusing to assist are some of those they purport to govern, to the best of their ability? Have they forgotten that those same people have paid taxes to fund their exorbitant and wholly unjustified salaries? The fact of their refusal to assist demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt just how unjustified those salaries are and how shoddy that governance is. If that is the best they can do, they have no business in the Senate or indeed in any political role. Where is their compassion? What has happened to the integrity of the so-called leaders of our Nation? They call themselves Honourable, but where is the honour in refusing a helping hand to your fellow Australians in a time of such hardship. They, of course, sit in their nicely padded seats, in nicely air-conditioned comfort, insulate themselves from the real world of the people whose pockets they metaphorically pick and remain totally unaffected by the struggle to survive the ongoing drought, floods and fires. Indeed they should be called to account for the policies that have contribute to the high number of suicides in rural Australia. They, of course, would deny culpability and that is not the subject of this “discussion”.
    Do the Senators need to be reminded that they are only the stewards of the monies they control?
    Are they such small petty minded people that they refused this motion because it originated from One Nation?
    It seems to me that both major party members are showing up in their true colours – a disgrace to their respective genders, a disgrace to their country and a disgrace to human race. They very obviously need to be reminded that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

    • Susan Aguirre
      Susan Aguirre says:

      Omfriggin God. You TOTALLY nailed it mate. Absolutely FANTASTIC response. When you get that email done, add my name to it along with yours. Or better still write it and then is there some way to via fb so that others can also. Like a petition.

      • Noreen Kewin
        Noreen Kewin says:

        I am happy that you agree. I have already emailed Senator Ryan. I would be more than happy for you to use those comments because I am rather technologically challenged. We have to pull those politician into line somehow, and I think people power can do it. I also pointed out in my email that for all their muc-vaunted “Honourable” status there is no honour in refusing aid to those in need.

    • Joan Hartrick
      Joan Hartrick says:

      Excellent Noreen. We are apparently being dictated to by the UN.
      We give millions to countries that hate us because we ar not Muslim.

    • Daryl Miechel
      Daryl Miechel says:

      I support everything that you say very well put sadly too bloody true/ There must be somthing more to whats goning on they don’t care it’s like theymaster Idea of bringing our farmers Pensioners Police Ambulance everything our For fathers fought and Died for the only answer I have is if everyone all; of Australia refused to Vote and Petitioned the Governor General who is in fact her Agent in Australia” to approach the Queen citing the dereliction of our Constitution as one issue then you may make an impression at the moment the way ‘this quasi electorell system has been manufactured means they cannot lose? If they do they get preferences and on and on it goes I wish we had a lot more like Pauline and One-Nation who I have been a Member of since the start topgether we stand Divided we fall

  6. Eve Whiteside
    Eve Whiteside says:

    Ditto Noreen Kewin, the exact response needed . And yes – I too believe that this could have been decided against simply because it was put forward by One Nation. Thank you Senator Pauline for your courage and wisdom, thank you for putting the Australian people first

  7. Robyn Bottin
    Robyn Bottin says:

    Re-direct this money to where it is needed now in our own country. Why are we supporting other countries when there is a dire need on our own doorstep? We are hearing heart breaking stories every day of families devastated by drought, floods, & fires, & from farmers whose families have worked properties for countless generations who stand to lose their land. Charity begins at home..

  8. Keven John TURNBULL
    Keven John TURNBULL says:

    I am surprised none of the other minor parties supported this move. No one would have expected the major parties or the greens tosupport it, but shame o the others.

  9. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    I am so sick of all of these politicians who are so out of touch with what Australians want and expect. It is so disheartening to know they make these decisions against our wishes and we, the plebs, have very little power to change the direction our government is headed in. It is one thing to know that Labor refuses to act in the interest of Australians, but to know that even the coalition government don’t care about putting Australians first is just too much. Thank god we have people like Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernadi that at least try their best to fight for what ordinary Australian want and expect. I know who I will be voting for come election time and it will not be the 2 major parties. (And obviously not the greens either because cmon, I am not that stupid and insane).


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