Send Aid to Farmers Not Foreigners

A few months ago, Malcolm Roberts hit the road with a drover to see how some farmers across the country are keeping their cattle alive during this drought.

Australian farmers forced to drove their cattle to keep them alive

A few months ago, Malcolm Roberts hit the road with a drover to see how some farmers across the country are keeping their cattle alive during this drought.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Thursday, August 2, 2018

How can we justify shamefully wasting billions on overseas handouts to corrupt governments and unaccountable NGOs while our own farmers struggle with extreme droughts and suicide! ‬

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  1. Bob Hirst
    Bob Hirst says:

    all the good coalition good guys are sitting on the back bench — time to Ditch the Twat and bring Abbott back early next year after Turd-bull stuff it up even more and the the back bench loyal conservatives of good upbringing and true Aussies with high to the right moral standards will cruise in… With Pauline’s backing of course!

    • Kathleen Griffiths
      Kathleen Griffiths says:

      So right Turnbull was always going to be a disaster and he has never been a liberal. Isn’t it about time those who supported him in stabbing Tony Abbott in the back paid the price alongside Turnbull and we got rid of the lot of them.
      Tony is doing all he can to save our country and Turnbull and his cabinet are doing all they can to ruin it and us. Wake up Australia before its too late time is running out.

  2. chris
    chris says:

    We need foreign aid…for our schools, farmers, homeless, hospitals, subsidies for high cost of electricity, the water corp,,, can go on and on,,,,which country will send us money ?????????? KEEP IT PAULINE you r our shinning star.

  3. Ken Benson
    Ken Benson says:

    I feel sad and annoyed that our so called government can give so much to overseas aid but when great Australians on the land who work so hard and in times of drought suffer and have little support from Government. This is Australia these people are proud Australian and should get the support they deserve, We can find nearly $5 Billion for the Barrier Reef without them applying. It is about time Malcolm Turnbull went and allowed some real Australians to replace him, ensuring AUSTRALIA COMES FIRST. Our Love and Prayers go out to all those working on the land

      • Dee Symons
        Dee Symons says:

        Bloody parasites in power line their own pockets and those who suck up to them. Disgraceful
        Why aren’t they doing something right for once

  4. John Forbes
    John Forbes says:

    Farmers need help very badly but they seem to have very little political power Federally or in relation to the States?
    At the time of earlier Prime Ministers like Malcolm Fraser & John Howard, they seemed to have far more influence.
    They do – after all – grow everything we eat & they do contribute a great deal.
    Few in most states seem to understand or care.
    They need better PR & Exposure & Maybe One Nation can give them a stronger voice?

    • Dee Symons
      Dee Symons says:

      It’s who screams the loudest about THEIR own agenda
      But the poor farmers are too proud and honest to play the stupid manipulating games and get pushed aside
      About time Australians opened their mouths and voiced support for our struggling farmers
      Our. “She’ll be right mate”
      Attitude stinks

  5. alan anderson
    alan anderson says:

    Why does this happen? Why aren’t there Australians FOR Australians. My father was a POW with many Australians. The top men left Greece and left Brits and Aussies to fend for them selves. I remember my father telling me there was no cats or dogs to be found And so it continues the men at the top just leave the ordinary bloke to look after themselves. Advance Australia unfair? .

  6. Ian Lindner
    Ian Lindner says:

    What about the money handouts to our illegal & legal immigrants when are we going to support our Australian Battlers what have our forbearers worked so hard for?.
    I am an ex farmer & the govt have never given support to the hard workers in this country only to the non workers even those who have tried to put away for retirement it appears don’t deserve any more than those who have never worked all their lives.
    I worked for more than 55years but the govt do not allow me to have any more than those who have not worked all their lives when on the pension.

  7. Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson says:

    Hi everyone.
    Why are we sending Aussie tax dollars to people who are of no consequence to us, whilst our very important farmers are struggling to feed us?
    Charity begins at home.
    So what are we waiting for, let’s all get together and vote for ONE nation.
    Australia for Australians and buggy the [email protected]@dy rest.
    Have a pleasant day and keep warm.

  8. Peter Groot
    Peter Groot says:

    When LP gas became the Buzz word some years ago, there was no problem drilling and fracking (read stuffing) in good agriculture land and laying pipelines (imported from China) all over the place and building a huge refinery on Curtis Island (Gladstone) , a national park and then dredging Gladstone harbor, which killed and/or damaged the fishing industry there. All so good for the economy???

    Every year we experience a monsoon in the North of Australia with an unbelievable amount of good water flooding the area, which runs unimpeded into the sea.
    Why is there not a long term and ongoing project laying pipelines and pumps powered by reliable
    power from coal fired power station, pumping this monsoon water over considerable distances to dry areas to alleviate some of the drought conditions. The finances for these schemes being
    re-directed foreign aid moneys. A scheme like this could be comparable to the Snowy Mountains Scheme, which ran from 1946 till 1972.

    The country of Israel, which is located in a desert has developed all kinds of irrigation schemes and technologies, which they have, as a goodwill gesture, even offered to Iran. Maybe the members of both the ALP and the LNP can stop their useless arguments and start “governing” and looking after this beautiful country of ours and get some ideas from Israel.

    Australia is a very dry continent, and any scheme involved with water will benefit it.

  9. Ray Muskett
    Ray Muskett says:

    By far the best solution is to grow very extensive belts of oil tree crops along appropriate areas across grazing areas. They produce valuable oil and a lot of green tree leaf fodder for stock feed when most needed. I have extensive research and documentation on this subject.

  10. Cheryl Ford
    Cheryl Ford says:

    We would not be seeing any of this if someone had have sat down and worked out a strategy on running Pipelines for Water Flow of which can be run along the ground fully Fireproof sitting in a protective surround— yes your talking thousands of kilometres but that would be a permanent solution use the hookups in many areas that flood each year and catchments that overflow instead of releasing Water on top of townships so much rain is waisted allow homeowners a subsidy to install tanks for Water reserve so we can catch rain and we are not using valuable water in summer months everybody’s ideas have to change from what we are used to because the weather patterns have now changed dramatically and therefore Water is becoming scarce —–All of the money currently being raised for our Farmers —– I can see much of this wasted in areas that are not required—– Our Farmers need Water On A Permanent Level without relying on Rain—– and not money spent in areas like Mental Health they suffer in silence because they have got No Water fix that problem and they won’t have Mental Health issues there are currently too many organisations set up raising money heavens knows where it will all end up a lot will be waisted and not put into the right areas many farmers would surely need House repairs they should have all this they live in remote areas with No Swimming pools for their kids more than half would have old and out dated kitchens SERIOUSLY DO I need to say any more they sacrifice so much with Farmers set up properly and with No live export the Public could have cheaper meat cuts because there would be more stock available doesn’t that make better sense instead of giving the lucky ones free homes on these TV shows why not chose the Farmers and help them they don’t need the Hilton instead just better living conditions.

    • Rick T.,
      Rick T., says:

      *WASTED* NOT *waisted* – this is a totally different word with a different meaning….however, totally agree with your point of view Cheryl

  11. Jes Jorgensen
    Jes Jorgensen says:

    The Australian farmers have a lot of problems and if no one help them they will
    keep having problems. The government should help them or all Australians will
    end up with problems. Price will go up on food because there will be much more import at the same time the government are wasting money on foreign
    aids, most like a waste of money. Everyone in Australia will be loosing, SO
    IT’S TIME to help the Australian people before anyone else. Lot’s of politicians
    should look at them self and see if they do the right ting for Australia!!!!!!!

  12. Noreen Kewin
    Noreen Kewin says:

    There are very few Politicians in the Lib/Lab set up who don’t actually pollute the space they occupy. Relieve them of the exorbitant salaries, lurks and perks ( e.g.Why travel overseas when they have Skype or Zoom or whatever?). Cut the lurks and perks for former politician who have sold this country down the drain. Cut foreign aid by all means and help our own, but there would be more to go around if the parasitic politicians were paid what they are worth, which amounts to very little. I agree whole heartedly with Cheryl Ford’s comments.

  13. tom-paul
    tom-paul says:

    I cant help feel that the Government itself wants to bring the Australian farmers Down. And Why are the Chinese and other foreign countries allowed to purchase farmland in AUSTRALIA when We Australians cant buy their land. Enough is enough. Pauline Hanson is for the everyday people.

  14. David Currington
    David Currington says:

    If the raised money is like anything else that has happened around the world the farmers will be lucky to see much of it, if any.
    These Governments have got to start worrying about Australia instead of themselves there free loading ‘jobs’ and there own pockets.

  15. Ken Beer
    Ken Beer says:

    My local member is Luke Howarth, & he holds his seat by a thread, so I can’t understand why he wants to continue to back Malcolm Turnbull who is dead in the water!He just wont quit until he’s thrown out by a reluctant Labor back lash!

  16. maher saba
    maher saba says:

    even if our politicians have low IQ ..they would give priority to help our farmers than Indonesia (which we already sending them aids annually and regularly).
    our farmers work hard and tough to secure our food .I feel sad to the core .never seen politicians with such magnitude of stupidity

  17. Walter Bubenicek
    Walter Bubenicek says:


  18. Lyn. C
    Lyn. C says:

    Agree with Pauline……Take the cheque book off Bishop!!!!our taxes should be going to our Aussie farmers….and our True Blue Aussie’s that are doing it tough! Fed up with all the useless economic immigrants dipping their hands into our taxes.Melbourne ….no go zone, as too dangerous! due to ….well everyone know who!!


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