Sheila Mundy for WA Senate

Sheila Mundy was born in the West Country, England, and relocated to Australia in 1987, settling in Perth with her husband and two sons. "I felt like I had arrived home when we landed in Perth," Sheila comments.

An experienced Nanny, Sheila worked in London and progressed from there to working with an organisation assisting hyperactive children. In Australia, she was WA State representative for ToughLove—a group that provides self-help programmes for parents struggling with unacceptable adolescent behaviour. With the growing crime rate and with so many young people addicted to drugs and alcohol, which over the last two years has drastically increased with the mandates and lockdowns, Sheila would like to see an increase of the detection of imported drugs and greater education about drugs for children and parents.

"It’s time to look after the future generation by protecting our children and implementing critical thinking back into the classroom," Sheila says.

Sheila has a keen interest in health and nutrition and for the past 35 years has been self-employed, working as a consultant for a major health and nutrition company. This has brought her speaking engagements in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth as well as overseas. It's Sheila's passion to bring awareness into the public domain about looking after yourself with nutrition and exercise. Sheila notes that "Providing advice on health, nutrition and exercise would have been extremely useful information, and helpful to people during this COVID pandemic."

Growing up in the UK Sheila travelled extensively, and from age 18 she lived in central east Africa for seven years, as well as visiting many other countries. It is because she has seen so much of the world that Sheila has a great appreciation and love for Australia, and for that very reason she wants to make sure the Australian culture and way of life that she experienced in her early years is not eroded any further. She wants to see the government focus on Australian jobs, Australian infrastructure and on protecting the Aussie way of life. She maintains that "One Nation's net-zero migration policy is simply a common-sense approach allowing government services to focus on Australians."

Sheila is zealous about keeping Australia safe for generations to come. "I want future generations to experience the Australia that my family and I have come to know, to enjoy the freedom once again in this Great Southern Land of Australia. The last two years have shown us anything but freedom and it’s time to have our freedoms back. I want to feel proud again to call Australia home."

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Sheila wants future generations to experience the Australia we once knew— to enjoy the freedom once again of this Great Southern Land. The last 2 years have shown us anything but freedom. It’s time to bring Australian values back home #OneNationAus #auspol