More Bill Shorten Lies

Bill Shorten has been saying Labor will protect Australian jobs during this by-election. The sad TRUTH is, Bill Shorten gave away more than 68,000 Australian jobs to foreigners when he was Workplace Minister under the Gillard Government.It's time Bill Shorten's lies were exposed. #OneNation #PaulineHanson #BillShorten #Longman #Lies

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Shifty Shorten Sends Battler Jobs Overseas

Bill Shorten has been saying Labor will protect Australian jobs during this by-election.

The sad TRUTH is, Bill Shorten gave away more than 68,000 Australian jobs to foreigners when he was Workplace Minister under the Gillard Government.

It’s time Bill Shorten’s lies were exposed.

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  1. Geoffrey Schleehauf
    Geoffrey Schleehauf says:

    This little twerp has more lives than a cat. The unions have shown their true colours over the years refusing to load ships for our troops and sabotaging their equipment during WWII. That is really something to be proud off! They did the same in the Vietnam era, preventing mail and supplies from reaching the troops whilst we were serving there. Gillard signed the Carbon Tax into law and killed off many jobs in the coal and mining industries, not to mention the reported rip off of the union member. Keating gave us the “recession we had to have!” He came out smelling of roses although smelling a bit on the piggy side on the Hawkesbury River. And Shorten you have already mentioned. He has managed to wriggle and squirm out of the many accusations against him and is hoping for the top job. God help Australia!
    Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that these people who aspire to lead our country are suppose the be the cream of the crop (Our wise and learned people?) Something is crook in Tallerook!

    • paul
      paul says:

      Keating/s Govt also signed Agenda 21…which Bischit renewed…for the UN..To be boss.of Australia…these people are Traitors no doubt…and should be in jail.. Basically these people are criminals voted in By Idiots..destroying Australia…It may be too late to lock them up/

  2. richard charles bury
    richard charles bury says:

    I worked a night cleaning job at Indooroopilly, Brisbane, I was the only Australian worker, the full time foreign workers were 1.students which are allowed only 20 hrs work, 2. people on bridging visas and revoked visas 3. most had poor or little English 4. Assetlink Recruitment placed these people whom I was told were all trained up on site so had no experience. Go figure. So much for multiculturalism, even the supervisor was a kiwi and the other was a Brazilian, coincidence or bias against Australians, I have 17 years cleaning experience and struggle to get a job these days. !!!

  3. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    Little Billy is not silly, he has made heaps over the years, and came out looking clean after going to court over some shady dealings, the deals that went on in the building industry over the years, there was blackmail, threats and you name it, I being in the building industry most of my life have seen where the union would purposely stir up some reason or another influencing the men to vote to stop a job, they would have an other agenda rather than that they portrayed as being representing the menbers issue at the time, the reason being and mostly was at to disrupt the industry throughout as a whole to influence upcoming elections be it state or federal, we were used like pawns.

    One of the strongest unions that existed in my time was the Builders Labourers Federation BLF, they were a very strong union and their members were so consistent ( United we stand , divided we fall) they were so successful government couldn’t break them, there was court dealings after court dealings, in the end (over many years) a sweetheart deal that seen the BLF finally dismantled, but came out the victor, not for their members but for the union itself, they became what is called today OH&F, a fat cat job for the big boys, set them up for life. What a joke, there’s no doubt about the dangers in the building industry and it did indeed need looking at, but really these guys were only looking after themselves.

    The big question is how many government institutions are really there acting as true representatives for the people, l have no faith in most of them, they are exposed by the media at times but eventually it fades away, the ACCC has always has a been barking dog, but they are nothing but a thoothless tiger, there needs to be so many changes before we Australian can move forward by having fair dinkum government organisations that truly follow through and get things done, hopefully that day will come.

    If only politicians would change or amend know loopholes that exist in our legal system, one a month rather than sit in parliament and argue like children over some irrelevant matter, Bill Shorten is wasted space I personally don’t trust this individual

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    I would like to see Australian Politicians held accountable for the consequences of their actions and when they lie to obtain votes, it’s not fair our heart strings are played upon just to gain a seat, then they just do as they bloody well please like it’s just another paying job who cares!, I DON’T FIND ANY POLITICAL PARTY WORTH SUPPORTING.
    Its time for a new party that tells the truth and honors their promises,

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      I doubt I will see my comment get passed after being moderated because I say the truth and we can’t have the truth get out now can we.


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