Quintin King for Shortland

Quintin King never wanted to get involved in politics but as the saying goes, accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept. Quintin can no longer stand by and watch Australian governments attack the very principles of democracy they are supposed to defend.

“I can’t sit on my hands while we lose the freedoms and liberties previous generations of Australians have died to protect and defend. It’s alarming how quickly and easily Australian governments restricted our freedom to move, to work and even to say what we’re thinking. It’s been disturbing to see how much they’ve relished this power they’ve wielded over us. And it’s frightening to see how reluctant they are to let it go.

“This is not the Australia I grew up in. This is not the Australia I love. I’m standing for One Nation in Shortland because Pauline Hanson puts Australia and Australians first and because she has stood with the Australian people against these attacks on their rights and freedoms. These are fundamental principles of Australian democracy under attack by the very leaders who are supposed to defend them. I will always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.

“Like Pauline, I’m going to put Australia and its people first. This means not having weak leaders let Australia be held hostage by international climate zealots picking easy targets instead of addressing China’s 30% of global emissions. This means having strong leadership prepared to withdraw from agreements like Paris. This means forging our own energy future, with the right mix of coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear, and renewable energy sources in a national market without taxpayer subsidies. This means ensuring foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax. This means striking trade deals that are not only free but fair. This means ensuring we have adequate national fuel reserves of at least 90 days worth, something the major parties seem unable or unwilling to do.”

A plant mechanic working in Australia’s massive coal industry, Quintin is proud of his blue-collar background. He's also a proud husband and father of two children. With costs always rising and making things hard for everyday Australians, Quinton will oppose any increase to the GST and support an increase in the aged pension.

“I’ll also be advocating for a reduction of immigration to sustainable levels to relieve the congestion in our cities and the high demand for housing and accommodation, and I’ll be supporting Pauline in her efforts to fix Australia’s broken family law and child protection system.

“Enough is enough. The people of Shortland are tired of 'politics as usual'. They’re tired of being ignored and dismissed by Australia’s political class. I’m putting my hand up for One Nation to provide the people of Shortland with a genuine representative who works for them.”

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Quintin King can no longer stand by and watch Australian governments attack the very principles of democracy they are supposed to defend. Quinton is standing for #OneNationAus in Shortland to be genuine representative who works for the people. #auspol