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Emily was born and raised on Beef cattle properties in Southern Queensland. She was homeschooled for the majority of her education and an external student of Dalby Agricultural College and RITE whilst working the family cattle properties and as a fencing contractor.

She headed North after graduation and began contracting and working on numerous pastoral stations across the Northern Territory, Gulf of Queensland, and lower Western Australia. In later years, she worked for Elders Rural Services in Katherine and various office-based roles for NT businesses. The contracting lifestyle exposed her to the complete supply chain within the Pastoral Industry.

For 11 years now Emily has been based in the Northern Territory and calls it home.

Within her community, Emily is aware one of the current pressing issues is the ever-changing COVID mandates. "These mandates have had irreversible effects on many small businesses within our communities and job security is at its lowest," she says.

"One Nation will continue its push for a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic by Australian governments (both state and federal). The Australian people deserve a comprehensive account of the decisions made by their governments to manage the COVID-19 pandemic."

Emily’s generation working in the Pastoral Industry has great concerns about our land being bought by foreign investors. "This buy-up of the Northern Territory is not limited to Pastoral Stations and Farms but also some of the major export Ports in Darwin. Where is our future headed?"

This is why Emily supports policy from One Nation which will pursue urgent reform to Australia’s foreign investment rules by legislating a clear definition of 'National Interest' based on national security, competition, tax, a character test, and any other impacts on Australia.

"Essential services including power, water, telecommunications, roadways, and ports would be off-limits to foreign investors. With a crucial shortage of housing stock and productive land, we must stop the sale of Australian property to non-residents and non-citizens. It's simply a common-sense approach and safeguards our future as a nation."

Emily says there is NO place for Fracking in the NT! "On the Lohse family property, I've been a firsthand witness to the detrimental impacts and irreversible contamination to our water resources and the flow-on effect for the communities reliant on these resources.

"The developing State of Northern Territory needs the honest voices of its people to be heard. I believe Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party is that voice.

"My generation deserves a say!"

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Emily says her generation deserves a say in rural Australia and those working in the Pastoral Industry have great concerns about our land being bought by foreign investors. Her focus is on the future & security of our land, resources & jobs. #OneNationAus