Finally this week we have to applaud Stephen who is currently the only One Nation MP holding a lower house seat for his staunch opposition to Labor’s shocking Reef Bill.

Stephen has fought tooth and nail to try and get the major parties to see sense. He even had experts come to Queensland parliament house and put forward the facts about how damaging this bill will be and how little impact it will have.

But when the other parties, for whatever reason, decided to keep their heads buried in the sand, sometimes all you can do is stand up and let them have it.

And in usual One Nation Fashion, that is what Stephen did. He slammed Labor and the LNP for ushering in another piece of legislation that runs rough and should override the desires of those who have been working in harmony with the land for generations.

As Stephen rightfully points out, this Bill delivers nothing but “white-collar welfare” to those who don’t need it and put more restrictions on those already hurting.

One thing can be sure though, as soon as One Nation gets the chance, this Bill and hundreds of others like it will be headed straight to the scrap heap.

Thanks to Stephen the people of Queensland know where we stand on these issues, and it is thanks to One Nation supporters across the country, that one day soon, we might have the ability to put things right.

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