Zero Net Immigration - Steve Dickson on Sky News

ZERO NET IMMIGRATIONThe government is funding its budget by banking on Australia taking in millions immigrants. It's nothing but a Ponzi scheme that will all come falling down if we don't stop it.Our roads are failing, our cities are choking, our farmers face droughts and are struggling to supply the country with food and government services can't keep up.One Nation advocates zero net immigration, which means Australia doesn't take a single extra person into the country than the amount that leaves the country.#immigration #paulinehanson #onenation #auspol

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Steve Dickson Slams 1 Million Immigrant Influx


The government is funding its budget by banking on Australia taking in millions immigrants. It’s nothing but a Ponzi scheme that will all come falling down if we don’t stop it.

Our roads are failing, our cities are choking, our farmers face droughts and are struggling to supply the country with food and government services can’t keep up.

One Nation advocates zero net immigration, which means Australia doesn’t take a single extra person into the country than the amount that leaves the country.

Steve Dickson took to Sky News to drop some home truths on where this country is headed if we don’t stop the influx.

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  1. H
    H says:

    I agree with ON 100%

    Australia is looking down the barrel of disaster if this policy is not stopped.
    If ISLAMO Shorten wins; I will be ten times worse for this once lucky Country.

  2. Ray Muskett
    Ray Muskett says:

    Good idea but needs economic modelling and some innovative ideas to address the ageing population problem. Compare ideas with countries like Japan that have very little immigration.

    Without economic answers in modelling the concept will always be heavily criticised but maybe it can be managed. For example Australia could try to be the medical mecca for wealthy overseas temporary visitors needing first rate treatment – that would also assist our own health system.

  3. Don Goldsmith
    Don Goldsmith says:

    Absolutely spot on Steve, the prime minister is oblivious to the real problems because he doesn’t live in the real world and his fascination with the Greens has not gone unnoticed, to change direction change the way you vote, the major parties have got it all wrong, vote for a minor party before the next big big crash occurs and we, the people, get wiped out again.

  4. Kevin Skinner
    Kevin Skinner says:

    “600 billion dollars worth of debt. I think the two sides running the show have really stuffed it up”
    ABSOLUTE GOLD!! I love a straight talker.

  5. Richard Olszewski
    Richard Olszewski says:

    Simple and plain message !! Unfortunately Labor Greens Liberals and leftist fascist dont get it. Thank you , Regards

  6. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    The sooner we opt out of the United nation the better, our politicians feel pressured into Australia doing its part, as far as I’m concerned Australia has already exceeded our intake.

    The fact is Australia being an arrid country with limited water and farming land can only sustain so many people, now reliying on importing food and other commodities, as it is we have given our jobs to other countries, manufacturers are now leaving Australia and settling up shop offshore as our energy is exspensive, we buy our fuel from Singapore ( that we only carry a limited supply) we buy our steel back from China we even sell our land to foreigners, what a mess Australia is in, we are less self efficient an are very vulnerable.

    Our elected politicians haven’t put in place or amended any laws to protect or to stop forien takeover of our most valuable and essential commodities, if I had my way heads would be rolling and what’s more those who have taken part in skulduggery (deals for their own interests and not that of our county) behind closed doors, (one can only call treason) would be serving time in prison.
    Australians need to demand action to be taken and those guilty of neglecting their role be dealt with severely. It’s never to late to turn things around and become more self sufficient, stopping imergration would be a smart move.

    • Bob Hirst
      Bob Hirst says:

      well said!
      the UN = Social engineering which = 76% Islamic which = the collapse of western world culture as we know it only to become take over by Sharia Law which = the severing of our necks via our C4/C5 disks…
      Lets see the far left wing hippies squeal when they are on their knees gasping as they take their last breath before the gurgling takes over…

  7. Denis Mouttet
    Denis Mouttet says:

    Immigration is not a bad thing. The type of immigration and the type of people is the festering sore. Australia was built on immigration and most of us are immigrants or offspring of immigrants. However, within the past decade, we have opened our doors and our arms to decadents, under the guise of “refugees” who cannot assimilate or are not prepared to assimilate with our core values. Look at what is currently happening in Melbourne. Gangs with machetes, raping, pillaging and the lot. Look at Europe and the torrent of so-called refugees flooding the shores. Actually, I have no argument about controlled immigration from India and China especially. These people are renowned for their productivity and will help our economy. However, Africans like the Sudanese cannot and will not benefit us. They always want something for nothing. And although the vast majority of Muslims are good people, they are dumb when it comes to speaking out against the atrocities of their fanatics and, they too cannot assimilate. We have to be selective about who comes here. I have no doubt that this is the opinion of the extreme majority of true Aussies. We have to make a stand before it is too late. Think of what we’re leaving behind for our children.

    Some of my comments may sound racist but, believe me, I am not. Quite the opposite. As an immigrant myself, I came from a country that is very cosmopolitan. I’ve experienced it all myself and, at 82 years of age, I know what an “open door” policy will create. Stop iit NOW!

  8. Girish
    Girish says:

    Well said Mr Dennis Mouttet, a great self reflection. We ought to do that more. Cannot let hard working tax payers money wasted on handouts. Especially when such people do not return to their own society, and make a mockery of the law of the land.

  9. Bob Hirst
    Bob Hirst says:

    I am an Immigrant – England through Africa to Australia — I was transferred here and have contributed about $500,000.00 in direct income tax to Australia… If all immigrants could do this then we would be a strong economic nation — This if only our government bodies and departments wouldn’t piss it up against the wall and refrain from eating mud crabs and the best of wines on our Tax payer accounts…
    They need to refrain from giving (“the Government is giving”) billions of hard earned tax payer dollars on third world countries, they are ‘untouchables’ as the Indians call them and there again if they would refrain from ‘every time they have sex they have to have a baby’ — babies they cannot support…. It is cruel giving them a meal for the day only to starve later, and by not giving them a rod to fish with….
    I mean South Africa is rapidly becoming like Melbourne (how can that be?)

  10. Chris
    Chris says:

    How does bringing in low-skilled immigrants boost our economy exactly?
    If there are no jobs then it follows the people you bring in won’t have jobs either. Result: A net burden on the welfare system and on civic debt.
    People that argue bringing in migrants solves any problems must think the rest of us are stupid.

  11. Karen
    Karen says:

    Our foreign aide should support people to stay in safe parts of their own countries or at least in their own regions. Surely, this would be a cheaper option too. Not to mention we are stealing the cream of the population (educated, doctors, etc.) Shame Australia, that is not helping poorer countries. Shame!


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