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Tonight on 4 Corners, the ABC are discussing immigration.It seems it's ok now days to discuss this topic even though I've been hailed down as racist for the past 21 years. I've been calling for an open and adult conversation about who we let into our country and how many people we let in, to ensure we have the infrastructure and needs of our already 24 million Australians. a look at One Nation's Immigration policy and please watch tonights 4 Corners show. I'd be keen to get everyone's feedback.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Immigration #Australia #4Corners

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Suddenly not Racist: Talking about Immigration

Monday night on 4 Corners, the ABC discussed immigration.

It seems it’s ok now days to discuss this topic even though I’ve been hailed down as racist for the past 21 years for doing the same thing.

I’ve been calling for an open and adult conversation about who we let into our country and how many people we let in, to ensure we have the infrastructure and needs of our already 24 million Australians. It’s far past time for Australia to have that conversation.

Read the One Nation immigration policy here.

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Monday, March 12, 2018

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  1. Graeme Robinson
    Graeme Robinson says:

    Pauline, Of course you have it right . Our Government whether it be the LNP, Labor or God forbid the Greens, will let anybody into this country. There are soooo many immigrants who can’t even speak english and have no intention of speaking English because they remain in an enclave along with their fellow immigrants. Many are unemployable and many just wont integrate. There are those who are hell bent on causing disruption as we are seeing in Melbourne. Many of the crimes that are committed in Australia are by immigrants so the screening process by Border Protection is NOT working. Time to change policies and allow only those immigrants who want to assimilate. Those that don’t, deport them along with their families and that will make the families responsible for all family members

    • tee page
      tee page says:

      POPULATION/sustainability is one thing….but lets not hide behind it.

      Let’s discuss the real problem. STUPIDITY! (giving away your country, its friendliness, its safety, and ability to take care of its own) The reason thieves haven’t historically invaded your home to steal your tv was that you took care of your own with the dole, affordable housing, and the consistency of good behavior among the majority of the individual communities. (unlike most other countries ……some, who often offend just to get by, some that wouldn’t know how to spell friendly, and others who could care less if the man with no job lived decently or not, and finally, for some violence and trickery means your smart)

      Now Australia allows entire foreign communities to assemble and not care about the fabric of Australia.

      Every nation on the planet holds a certain jealousy for Australia and mainly Australians.. DONT LET CARELESS FORIENER INVASION CHANGE THIS!!

      WHY do you think I left my home (Hollywood America) and moved here?
      ….In support of your great country, I would gladly pick up and go if you could gain the balls to adopt a visit them leave immigration policy. (except for marriage)

      Australia, You’re doing fine on you’re own….Us foreigners honestly bring you nothing but a lack of manners that your children must deal with.
      Crime increase is due to drugs and hustle by those not entitled to the dole and grew up thinking its cool to be on top.
      GET RID OF THEM! deport foreigners who commit crimes. ALSO, take the dole away from Aussies who don’t appreciate it and lock them away for at least 25% of their life for drugs that lead to violence and crime they learned from tv 🙂

      Antisocial behaviour : Having the right to defy the Australian way of life is ridiculous! I can here as an American. I will forever respect that I am a guest i this country and if I don’t like the way the Australians get on…. then I can go back to my own country. Australians are at home already. They cant go back to anywhere if they look up one day and don’t like what I’ve turned their country into for my own selfish agenda.
      I act and walk with Australians and participate in the friendly vibe that is Australia. I don’t ignore them as I walk by (such as other foreigners ) do. I have been told by Muslims, to leave these people (australians) alone and get my money on…..(I was infuriated by the comment, and thought, “why don’t you drive your little taxi back to where you came from….I feel that he should feel blessed anytime another person wants to share their day or their country with him….. most foreigners (of all colors) are simply non-appreciative. This country has every movie-theater, video game, car, home, ect.. that the world has… STOP SELLING OUT FOR INVESTMENT AND SCHOOL FEES!!!! STOP MAKING YOUR CHILDREN HAVE TO PLAY WITH OTHERS WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEM!!! (Who don’t even smile at hem when they walk by. The grandfather of Australia built this country for their grandkids to have a right to live safe, friendly, and adequate Not to struggle against his counterpart who’s government print money like its going out of style and offer it up for all the housing in the world……..tHIS TYPE OF ATTITUDE IS CHANGING THE WHOLE COUNTRY. SOON YOU WILL NO LONGER BE THE COUNTRY I CAME HERE FOR… you really want Americas problems? (my former county) I sure as h*ll dont ! …….
      cut out all the multicultural crap! and vet people on their good intentions and more importantly, the smile on their face, after the interview…..


  2. Les Mundt
    Les Mundt says:

    I for one didn’t think you were racist. Go over to asia and live as a white person and you will find out what rascist means

    • Peter Ritty
      Peter Ritty says:

      Sooo right. We are the victims of the so called refugees here for the welfare only. The courts are afraid to punish the Africans and muslims.

    • tee page
      tee page says:

      here here! I couldnt go into certain clubs i Japan that read ” NO FOREINERS ALLOWED”
      also couldnt open a karaoke bar without 2 years experience first as a chef i a japaneses kitchen….
      china outright just said get fckud!

  3. Barry
    Barry says:

    Well done One Nation for having the courage to take on the self serving big party bully boys and the ABC. Its appalling to hear the LNP say we can’t even discuss immigration levels because it will affect our deficit- what about good management and fiscal discipline. The Government is giving no decent management of the country since Abbott was tipped out-and Shorten is the alternative!-what a mess. Thankfully we have some people like Pauline Hanson and Dick Smith to show real leadership. We the people are totally reliant on it.

  4. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    After not having seen the program on four corners i cannot comment on any part but will say this your policies over the past two decades concerning imigration was one that would have curbed the influx of these unwanted bogans, The cost to the average tax payer of Aust is endless for when these leaches are given permanent residences they immediately qualify for first class accommodation together with top of the range white goods, when some of our children of the parents who helped to build this country to what it is today in some cases are living in poverty, Imigration to Australia should be stopped indefinitely but the two gutless major parties know to attempt such a thing might cost them their large pay packets.Pensioners who are the backbone of putting this country to what it is today are awarded a pay increase twice per year now in prefference to the old quartely adjustment and lord and behold last increase was a magnificent, Wait for it Fifty Cents,while they get increases of thousands, it has been said in the past that if you pay politicians peanuts all you will get is monkeys who in their rightful mind believe otherwise

  5. Colin
    Colin says:

    Pauline, you are definitely not racist. You are telling how it is, we have let too many into this country already! It has got to stop now! I have said it on many occasions that the Greens would let anyone into the country. It should be mandatory that all immigrants be able to speak some english before allowing them into this country. It is right that a lot of the older immigrants will never learn to speak our language and possibly not want to as they remain in their tight knit family group. If those already here, have not made some attempt to learn our language within twelve months, or get work then they should be deported. Biggest problem is there isn’t enough work in this country any longer to support all these immigrants.

  6. David Bernard
    David Bernard says:

    Pauline, I have a suggestion for a new Immigration intake figure :0″ Even former Labor Leader Mark Leatham agrees with that figure. Our bleeding hearted Globalist guided and thoughtless LNP and ALP along with the greens should seek psychiatric help.

  7. Tom Brown
    Tom Brown says:

    Pauline I have made my mind up you are the only one I want to vote for I have been a liberal voter all my life but not anymore at all. Pauline your party for this country.

  8. B Brewin
    B Brewin says:

    I came to Australia in 1965. We had to have a job to come to. We had to have a TB X-Ray and medical so we didn’t pass on any illnesses. We had to have a sponsor willing to pay for us for at least 12 months if we lost our job. Yet we all had a job within weeks and rented accommodation, whilst some were in immigration hostels until they got on their feet. No going up to your local Politician and asking where can we get the hand-outs. It is time we got tougher before we sink instead of swimming. There are past migrants that didn’t speak the language and made a success in this country with their inspiring ideas and hard work. If you are not willing to give and only willing to take, you will never assimilate as we have a standard of honour to uphold to make this country great. We should get people off the dole, or send them to work in the fields to help the farmers. If they don’t like that, get back to school and learn to do a different job. It is what the rest of us have to do. It is prejudice towards the rest of us to expect us to keep you.

  9. John Forbes
    John Forbes says:

    Actually, the spread of the IDEOLOGY of ISLAM ( that the 1400 year old Political Ideology that has attacked Christendom & other non-believers all over the world) is probably the most important issue of our time.
    Check out the posts on youtube- Robinson Fox news & Robinson Lord Pearson
    The UK is in horrific trouble & the TALK WITH LORD PEARSON is probably the most disturbing.
    While no other place has LORDS they do have politicians in upper houses that simply refuse to examine the abusive teachings of Islam & insist in believing & parroting the great official LIES that ISLAM is a RELIGION of PEACE followed by VIOLENCE has nothing to do with ISLAM let alone trying to learn about the PROSCRIBED practice of TAQUIYA – the deliberate lying to KAFIRS to promote the spread of ISLAM!
    This is used all over the WEST !
    Next is the fact that there are two distinct sections of the KORAN – a peaceful section when Mohammed was weak in relation to/ followers & a later version when he was strong.
    It is the LATER FAR MORE BRUTAL version that is followed!

  10. Jessie Dowds
    Jessie Dowds says:

    Yes Pauline you sure do have it right and I’ve never thought of you as racist, but clearly tell it like it is and always have. I totally agree with you on Immigration. Our country is going down the Gurgler because of allowing people into this country who have NO INTENTIONS of assimilating, or speaking English and taking every handout they get which is paid for by hard working tax payers and still whinge and complain about our lifestyle AND want to change it…We need a whole new government in Parliament who will work FOR Australians NOT AGAINST… I will never vote for any of the major parties again. My vote is going to One Nation!

  11. Judith Byrne
    Judith Byrne says:

    I feel we are not allowed to promote our wonderful Australia in any form these days,we had a woman on the panel who had had been here for only two years professing to be an expert on immigration telling us that migrants were sixty percent skilled so why is our centre link queue so long,the water and infrastructure was touched on and the sudanese rampage in Melbourne did not get a look in,we are being changed by over population so much so that it seems wrong to bring up what has been achieved and fought for,so so over it all.

  12. David Gault
    David Gault says:

    Your not a racist Pauline and that’s coming from a white guy.Yep i’m one of the few Australian  proud citizens that helped build this nation and i for one will not criticise my fellow Australian for being objective and opinionated about the real threat that immigration is changing our lifestyle and aggravating real Australians on a daily basis as they exhaustedly try to conform to this rapid change of culture. Politics and our perception are clouded in these deceptive times. But the truth is that the information we receive (mainly main stream media) is the misleading deception. We and the world can not prevent this madness unless someone is able to publicly challenge the money mongers. All of this has nothing to do with humanitarian acts, look past the smoke screen and you see that greed is the motive on our end and take over, get control and make lots of money is the motive on their end. I have never voted Labour or Liberal as i have always known that those puppets are the yes men for the unseen, unknown  recipients of the benefits that come from all this madness. Follow the money if you can and you’ll find the real traitors that fit the motive. Sadly their the same race and culture and ruthless without conscience.

  13. Batty Bogan
    Batty Bogan says:

    I have left Melbourne due to the Asian invasion. I’ve come to Far North Queensland as it seems to be the last bastion of Australia. In Melbourne’s eastern suburbs the shop windows are covered in nothing but what I assume is Chinese, I don’t know I can’t read it. in places like Box Hill you cant read any of the signs they are not in English. I feel like it’s China, I don’t feel welcome. The milk bar windows are loaded with baby formula, I assume its for redistribution to China. I had no hope of buying a home as foreign investors have driven housing prices beyond my reach. The traffic is unbearable due to over population. Melbourne is now the the most Leaveable city in my mind, It is not the place I grew up in. We need to do something or we risk completely loosing our Australian Identity to this Multicultural Epidemic. Operation sovereign borders my arse.

    • T-Sweet
      T-Sweet says:

      Hi Batty, I agree with you totally. Sorry to hear what has happened to Melbourne, and what i happening to my beautiful Australia. We are rapidly losing our wonderful culture and I dislike this immensely. Stop all non-western immigration NOW! Stop all Islamic immigration NOW! It’s an EVIL doctrine!
      PS – I am not racist by the way – I actually married a Chinese and have two beautiful mixed raced little Aussie girls. Even my wife says there are too many Chinese and foreigners in Australia!

  14. George Cooke
    George Cooke says:

    Immigration has a lot do with assimilation with our culture which is very important, and commented a lot in the posts above. My father, and grand parents immigrated and assimilated.
    I see that the media etc all to often skews the view to their interests, which has criticised Pauline, I don’t think you are a racist Pauline… Stay the course….
    It appears the general view is we are all to worried about offending someone, on a superficial level without taking all the situation into consideration. We judge as humans, I’m guilty of that myself. Why do we feel like we are the oppressed and minority group in our own Country. Why are we now discriminated against.
    This is a complex social issue, which I’m sure most, including myself do not understand the complexity.
    Pauline Stay the Course… rattle the cages, and making noise.

  15. Jane
    Jane says:

    I don’t mind some immigration, being an Aussie born here, but it’s odd how I have been a nurse for 8 years and over the last 2 years, barely any work as a casual. It’s not as if my skills have reduced, they have only increased over those years. My friends are in the same situation.
    Please, migration has have never pushed us out of our jobs like it does now.
    I don’t see how a migrant coming and taking top jobs that have enough people here, who can do them, can compare to the pioneering efforts that migrants have given in the past.


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