Suspend All Foreign Aid and Focus on Fire and Flood Victims In Australia First

Pauline Hanson calls for a suspension of all foreign aid so it can be redirected to Australian victims

SUSPEND FOREIGN AID AND FOCUS ON FIRE AND FLOOD VICTIMS HERE IN AUSTRALIA FIRST.I was asked to get up and witness first hand the flood devastation in Townsville today and let me just say, pictures do not tell the true story.The resilience of these people in North Queensland is simply remarkable, but they are being tested by state and federal governments who are making victims jump through hoops, all while giving them a false sense of support with grants they simply don't qualify for due to means testing.I believe we should suspend all foreign aid and funnel that money to fire, drought and flood victims and their communities across Australia first and foremost.Tell me if I'm wrong, but these people need our support – not shunned by state and federal governments.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Townsville #Flood

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I was asked to get up and witness first hand the flood devastation in Townsville today and let me just say, pictures do not tell the true story.

The resilience of these people in North Queensland is simply remarkable, but they are being tested by state and federal governments who are making victims jump through hoops, all while giving them a false sense of support with grants they simply don’t qualify for due to means testing.

I believe we should suspend all foreign aid and funnel that money to fire, drought and flood victims and their communities across Australia first and foremost.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but these people need our support – not shunned by state and federal governments.

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  1. Rictor Brown
    Rictor Brown says:

    I agree, and i dont know when the people of australia are going to sit up and take notice , and vote for one nation , the people that care , i hope they take notice , i have tried to educate people about the vote , mark all ten squares in biro , one nation first , liberal , labour and greens 8th 9th 10th , but mark all boxes !

    • Michael Waddell
      Michael Waddell says:

      Hi Rictor,
      I like you comment, but i hope that the party will advise us exactly how to vote to ensure One Nation maximises our say. Cheers

    • Rosa
      Rosa says:

      صhi I agree with everything you wrote, could you please tell me how to do it and vote for Pauline, thx
      You can send me a picture on my email, thx

    • Helen
      Helen says:

      Amen to that, we Aussies always try to hold our own up, meanwhile our Govt gives millions away to other countries, our Govt gives Grants & pitiful LOANS to our own, they have to pay that back 🙁 sickening:( time & time again screwing ll of us… Too sad, grubs & don’t talk about China.. Even worse:(

  2. Ian
    Ian says:

    I’m sick of hearing how much did is given to countries like pakistan, a country with awful records of the way they deal with women and Children’s etc.
    It makes me wonder why we would give this type of place the aid that our aged, aged pensioners, homeless, drought stricken areas, and now disaster stricken north Qld people should be getting instead. The ministers and those who are pushing the UN agenda need a massive wake up call and it has to change.

  3. Richard Stamp
    Richard Stamp says:

    We live here in townsville and can tell you the Aussie spirit and what makes us Aussies is so strong . Lads in pluggers and footy shorts helping in any way .Moving people furniture and animals to higher ground.
    The girls are baking like mad to make spaghetti bolognese and sandwiches to give to all . Grandparents are helping to occupy kids and tell them back in my day stories. Not to forget the boys and girls in the military in the thick of it while their own family members are in evacuation shelters. This is the greatest show of strength and unity. Thanks for helping to voice this Pauline.

  4. David J Currington
    David J Currington says:

    I think we should just stop all foreign aid altogether. How long have we been sending money to all these third world countries and nothing has changed…seems like forever they have been getting money off the whole world.

    • Clayton Baldwin
      Clayton Baldwin says:

      Spot on David! Foreign Aid is a waste of money and clearly hasn’t had the desired effect. It should be completely stopped.

  5. James Hocking
    James Hocking says:

    I am a Vietnam veteran. 50 years ago I was young and patriotic ( and I suppose silly) thinking that I was doing the right thing.
    But now I’m disappointed with the way things are in this country
    Good on you Pauline You’ve got guts

  6. Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith says:

    We Must start to look after Australian people 1st. I don’t care what the UN says. Indonesia had a disaster a while ago, We gave $20 million on top of our yearly aid. Have they contributed to the fires in Tassie, Flood In Queensland or our droughts?

  7. Jan MILNE
    Jan MILNE says:

    So well said Pauline. There are a lot of like minded people backing you here. You say what we want to say. Enough money sent to other Countries. Close the Borders of Australia until this Country is back on its feet. Too much of this damn Paperwork when things like this are a Natural Disaster. Thanks for being the voice of the Common Sense That apparently does not occur with the leaders of Australia 🇦🇺 x

  8. Brian Apelt
    Brian Apelt says:

    It just disgusts me to hear Pauline reveal the true story, about the recovery of People’s losses in areas like Townsville and the North. What about the areas in the NW and Western QLD. When I see the money wasted with grants to the UN and other Nations abroad, It makes my blood boil to see our own Citizens, having to be means tested to get a $ 1000-00 grant. When Politicians can get in aircraft and fly the World to some useless so-called study tour, living it up at Taxpayers expense, spending thousands. Since when is assistance going to start at home ??????

  9. Lisa Harrod
    Lisa Harrod says:

    I dont understand how our ministers dont “get it” I dont know anyone who sgreed with whats hsppening with foreign aid and yet it still happens all the while when we have flood fire and drought victims…how the hell does all this still happen….wake up Australia and Go Pauline….tell us how to vote for you so you actually get in!!!

  10. John
    John says:

    I agree with all you said People help other people so there should not be a test on how much you have lost if you are in the area that has been flooded thanks Pauline

  11. Maureen Milburn
    Maureen Milburn says:

    Well said Pauline and you definitely have my vote. I have just watched film of the thousands of drowned cattle in farNth Qld and it is heartbreaking. If the bloody government had been fair dinkum with drought relief and not made it impossible to get them perhaps some of these cattle would have been strong enough to survive. But no, the bullshit paperwork made it impossible and now these poor people have been left on their knees. Shame on you, liberal, labour and the bloody greens.

  12. Virginia Montgomery
    Virginia Montgomery says:

    Fantastic if this is achieved our country if falling apart before our eyes people struggling with drought fire and flood and also electricity costs and fuel cost .our country needs people like you Pauline you have my vote this country needs someone that supports us and can see the suffering in our own back yard

  13. Frankie Jeffs
    Frankie Jeffs says:

    It makes my blood boil when you hear of our money being sent overseas when we could use it here for our own people. There have been a lot of financial troubles and heartaches over the years with flooding, fires and droughts and we need more money to be spent in Australia. Why is it that all the people can see it and the government doesn’t?

  14. Ken
    Ken says:

    I totally agree with what you have said Pauline, my blood pressure goes through the roof when I see the amount of money we contribute overseas for these so called third world countries. I was always of the impression that charity started at home this is a National disaster.

  15. Frank
    Frank says:

    Can’t belive the difference in Australia’s political agenda and the amount of red tape that exists now compared to the 70 sand 80s
    Life was full of prosperity and oppertunity when I was growing up and now it’s all about mismanagement , foreign debt and lack of local industry!!
    Our small country coastal towns are all riddled with empty shop front due to rediculouse running cost and choking beurocracy !!!
    It’s seems to slide further in the hole every year!!
    Good luck one nation with the current state of play you will need a bloody miracle to dig us out of this mess!!

  16. Tom Brown
    Tom Brown says:

    This is so discussing that the garment won’t help our people. Pauline get get stuck in to the government, and anyone else that can help the famers God bless them.

  17. John Flynn
    John Flynn says:

    Spot on John Forbes !
    Australia is in danger of following the UK down the same path of destruction. Complete censorship and loss of free speech ! Mosques being built everywhere. Sharia courts and Muslim no go zones. Wake up Australia for God’s sake !! Communism is what the left have in mind. What a success that has been NOT.

    • Janice
      Janice says:

      Totally agree with you John, Australia is in crisis and the Government doesn’t care less… Only wish there were “One Nation” prospects every where in Australia, so we could all vote for whom we want…. ie., Pauline Hanson..No.1

  18. Lana Hooper
    Lana Hooper says:

    Pauline you are just great!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Yep you should be Prime Minister one day!!! Does not look anyone of those ME ME ME politicians can solve anything at all!!! All the best to you!!!

  19. Paul buchanan
    Paul buchanan says:

    Well said Pauline , one nation , you will always have my vote , hav ent heard anything from ms Hanson (offended) have anything to say lately , or my local labour senator Anne bullshit Ali , keep up your no bullshit stance against this piss weak political system , you are a woman with the strength to speak out and call out all these piss weak politicians , that have their snouts in the trough and freely send hard working Australians dollars overseas , good to see you out there with the people , you will make a good premier one day , if only we can get you in to office , and get peoples heads out of the sand quick enough

  20. David A lawton
    David A lawton says:

    Same old story ..
    Australia must wake up ….. realise that the majority of politicians have one endeavour that is to keep the ‘LID’ on things …. appear to be for the country and its inhabitants yet at the end of the day they get paid and stuff everyone else !!

  21. Lisa Manning
    Lisa Manning says:

    Good on you Pauline! We need more politicians like you…All foreign Aid money should cease permanently! And no more immigrants!! We need to look after our own Australians first! Its pathetic to see and hear all that money that was donated by the Australian people for the farmers was mainly all given to Charities by the Government..No help was given to our farmers.. So Probably the same will apply for all people up North..Big fat ZILCH!!

  22. Kay Scurr
    Kay Scurr says:

    It was heartbreaking, yet again, to hear Govt means’ testing our own people ( lousy $1,000 ) while continuing to give millions $ in foreign aid, when our own need so much help & support… is demeaning, degrading and humiliating for these Australians…NOTHING EVER CHANGES!.
    The men & women currently in the Liberal & Labor parties are hypocrites, doesn’t matter whose in …it’s the ethos of the parties….it’s never about the people, just retaining their political seat.

    I have voted for Pauline for over a decade and will continue to do so! ..
    Only wish she was higher up the political chain…her honesty, transparency and integrity is commendable, I’m proud to be a member of her party !!!!!



  23. John Goss
    John Goss says:

    When I see people trying to get money in all sorts of places to send it to Africa, Indonesia, South America etc I just tell them that they are taking money from the poorest people in a rich country and giving it to the richest people in a poor country. How many mosques have been built in Indonesia with our foreign aid?

  24. terry hewitt
    terry hewitt says:

    stop the aid to overseas ,shut the borders ,and let pauline hanson run the place she has my 110% support make australia great again

  25. Mike
    Mike says:

    All the countries that we send foreign aid to need to get their act together and take responsibility. For one, stop having so many children that are just being born into poverty, corruption, violence etc.

    The amount of money that is sent to these countries is ridiculous, and nothing changes, there is obviously unadressed issues like overpopulation, corruption etc.

    Regardless, this is not Australia’s issue, we didn’t create these problems. Australia needs to look after its own people, then if we can help genuine people from other countries, fair enough. But Aussies first! Oh and if Australia doesn’t address high immigration, we’ll become the third world!!

  26. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Australians have the right to have their own money, their and our tax payers money.
    We cannot afford foreign aide which is more debt,when this is for Countries that can afford to get a loan from the World Bank and pay it back themselves, especially Countries classified as successful Democracies.
    The same happened in Lahore.
    No loans for our fellow Australians nor Farmers, give them the money raised in the various charity fundraisers and their own taxes back, Natural Disasters a very good legit reason.

  27. Russell Mansfield
    Russell Mansfield says:

    Where is support for our farmers? Who would want to be a farmer in Australia where state and federal governments simply don’t care about your future? Instead of building dams and pipelines to mitigate flood and send water to where it’s needed they simply throw money after the fact. Why weren’t the armed services brought in to help remove cattle before the river levels become critical? Why are the emergency services not fully funded with the right equipment (helicopters and Florida airboats) to evacuate civilians from trapped floodwaters and bring food and water supplies.
    Australia is proving to be as inept in emergency situations as the US.

    • christine stones
      christine stones says:

      Hey Russell I agree with you. We had the opportunity over fifty years ago to build dams and pipe water down from the north but the powers to be didn’t have the guts or the foresight. Now look at the cost. Where are the politicians with brains to help make Australia the greatest nation in the world. Go Alan Jones and Peter Credlin. At least we get real facts from them unlike the ABC. Stop sending money overseas, help Australians. We should be totally self sufficient in this age.Australia has always contributed to other countries with military support as well as financial disasters. When is it Australia’s turn to get some help. We need a revolution in this country to hear what the majority have to say, not having the wool pulled over their eyes with lies. God help us!

  28. lyn
    lyn says:

    Our money, our people!! Stop giving our hard earned money away….
    Pauline…keep the pressure up to these unAustralian pollies!! All of us true blue Aussies should be giving 100% to speak with the people we know to vote One Nation!!

  29. tom paul
    tom paul says:

    Thats right,,, OUR MONEY, OUR PEOPLE. We give too much away when Hard working Aussies need saving from this awful drought. Its is the farmers who feed AUSTRALIANS.

  30. Scott Dixon
    Scott Dixon says:

    Sadly our government has become elitist, arrogant and self indulgent and even worse they have shown that they will use Australian tax payers money to do anything for anyone as long as they are NOT AUSTRALIAN.

  31. M Wilkins
    M Wilkins says:

    The sooner we get rid of the two major parties and the greens the better of this country will be for our government to give our taxes to overseas country’s and not look after our own is a disgrace, for far to long both these parties, have made us the door mat of the world and the Australian public is sick of a government who can’t look after their own, be prepared for a shock come election time, just maybe the public isn’t as dumb, as the two major parties think we are, we may just have had enough,of our troops being sent overseas with plane loads of supplies within hours to help in overseas disasters,while our own country men have to wait for weeks,and fill out miles of paperwork,before some small assistance is provided and in many cases is only a loan that has to be paid back, that’s the Australian spirit help everyone but your own maybe these two major parties are about to learn how thin that Australian has become,where they are concerned

  32. Tony
    Tony says:

    Yep, it’s time to put Australia first
    There’s not much I can add, as, the afore posts just about say it all.
    I would, however, like to be advised as to how I can vote, so as to make sure my vote goes to One Nation and NO other party.
    To all, have a pleasant day..cheers.

  33. hayward
    hayward says:

    first there is the individual
    then the family
    then the enlarged family
    then the village /town/station
    then the city
    then the state
    then the whole country
    then the international aid efforts
    when other planets are found then those
    aid for all these areas are good
    the question is priorities
    which comes first
    obviously the individual comes first in many areas
    but not all
    freedom gives choice where to assist

  34. Joy Bradley
    Joy Bradley says:

    GO PAULINE GO> I have been a member for 20 years because you and Julie Bishop have got more GUTS than the rest of the Politicians put together. Pauline you have been on the same work rail all this time, you DO NOT have a different agenda each year. You say it how it is . I only hope the rest of us WORKING Australians aaaaand older generation show it at the next election. VOTE ONE NATION to save our once GREATEST COUNTRY.

  35. lin
    lin says:

    I would like to know who One Nation will be referencing in the next election and how does individual’s votes to One Nation work or allow One nation to preference another party


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