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  • One Nation’s kicks-off campaign for Callide

    The federal election has come and gone but One Nation's fight to ensure the forgotten people of Australia have a voice in our nation’s parliaments continues in Queensland at the Callide by-election.

    Representing One Nation in Callide is Sharon Lohse, a Chinchilla grazier and rural communities advocate who’ll be taking the majors head on over their policy failures.

    “Agriculture and mining are essential economic drivers and job providers in Callide but they’re under threat from policymakers in Brisbane and Canberra held hostage by climate change ideology and activism,” Ms Lohse said.

    “Communities and businesses and Callide need a representative who will fight to protect these industries."

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  • WHO Forced into Humiliating Backdown

    Brilliant news out of Geneva today!

    As most of you know, the World Health Assembly has spent the past 7 days considering Biden’s 13 controversial amendments to the International Health Regulations.

    Official delegates from wealthy developed nations like Australia, the UK, and the US spoke in strong support of the amendments and urged other states to join them in signing away their countries’ sovereignty.


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  • Where is Democracy in South Australia?

    Democracy in South Australia has become increasingly precarious with the passage of public health legislation which could permanently lock in COVID-19 emergency powers and remove the right for an appeal to the courts.

    One Nation MLC Sarah Game said her amendments to prevent democratic principles from being discarded in the legislation had been ignored by the Labor government and the crossbench in the Legislative Council.

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  • What's the Outrage Industry Up To?

    Confected outrage in the media (MSM and Social Media) is simply a way of narrowing the political debate closer to the Woke PC model.

    What the Lefties can’t win at elections they try to achieve through word and thought control.

    Always remember that offense is a choice. Some people just laugh, others ignore what’s been said, some might agree or disagree, some cry home to mummy, and others pursue confected outrage for political purposes.

    It’s their choice.

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  • Doctors Feel Pressure From Regulators

    While the Government continues to deny it, we keep hearing reports from healthcare professionals that they feel pressure to maintain the official narrative or face the risk of deregistration.

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  • End the Mandates and Give People Back their Jobs

    Travelling across Australia, everywhere I go I hear the same infuriating story.

    Decent, hard-working Aussies have had their jobs and livelihoods ripped away because of unscientific, heartless jab mandates.

    I met with workers from the Yallourn Power Station in Victoria and wanted to give them the opportunity to share their experiences and send a message to the ones in charge when their jobs were stolen away, the Prime Minister and Dictator Dan.

    Do you hear that Mr Morrison and Mr Andrews? Are you listening yet?

    Their story is just like the story of tens of thousands of other Australians and it is not good enough.

    Our message to the PM and Premiers across Australia is simple. Give these people back their jobs. Let them have their lives back.

    And once these mandates have been overturned, hold a Royal Commission into the pandemic and how it was managed so we never see these mistakes repeated and those responsible are held to account.

    One Nation will be doing everything we can to make sure this happens.

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  • Labor and Greens suspend democracy in South Australia

    Labor and the Greens have suspended democracy in South Australia, successfully gambling on the grubby self-interest of divided and undisciplined Liberals to turn the Legislative Council into a rubber stamp.

    One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said the decision by Liberal MLC Terry Stephens to accept the Greens’ nomination to the presidency of the Legislative Council today was a slap in the face to South Australian voters who elected a crossbench to hold the balance of power.

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