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  • Sharon Lohse for Callide

    Sharon Lohse was born into a generational grazing family in rural QLD, and after completing high school she worked for QLD Health, then later in the banking sector.

    Married to grazier Robert Lohse, Sharon taught her three children through the School of Distance Education and was a member of the P&C and ICPA organization for rural and remote children.

    Over my lifetime in a rural community, I am very aware of the challenges associated with rural and remote communities. Rural people deal with floods and droughts, poor commodity prices, and the restrictions and costs of living in regional QLD. With poor road infrastructure, limited or no internet services, and lack of access to medical services there are numerous ongoing issues for rural communities. People are traveling great distances just to visit a GP and even giving birth on roadsides.

    One Nation recognises that Australia’s health system was beyond capacity prior to COVID-19 and evidently inadequate in regional parts of the nation. One Nation sees the need to bolster the number of regional doctors, nurses, and other critical health professionals. In an effort to encourage better regional medical services, One Nation will introduce three-year contracts for newly qualified medical professionals and in return pay their HECS-HELP loans in full.

    Australia has committed to the deepest and most savage carbon emission cuts in the world on a per-person basis. This commitment is predicted to slow the Australian economy with enormous job losses. In One Nation's view, this economic suicide cannot be justified on the evidence put forward by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Sharon backs One Nation's call for a withdrawal from UN's climate agreements.

    The focus of the Lab-Lib Parties to Net Zero 2050 is doomsday for jobs in our Agriculture and Mining Industries. Net Zero put simply means Zero jobs. The Green movement basically is sending us progressively back to the cave-dwelling days, but minus the protein diet!

    Sharon has observed that negative pressure on business growth has a flow-on effect in maintaining a consistent population of small towns, which then affects the population-based funding grants for services. COVID lockdowns and mandates have had a huge negative impact on the economy of towns and businesses and created staffing shortages. That is why she supports Pauline Hanson's call for a COVID Royal Commission which would uncover the reasons behind the decisions to impose pandemic restrictions which in many instances have caused more harm than good.

    Landholders in CSG areas are desperate for a political party that will listen to their concerns about contamination, intimidation, and broken landholder agreements. To date neither major party has addressed this serious issue, instigated an inquiry into past issues nor held companies in breach, to account for their actions. Good governance is needed to rein in 'poor' practices.

    After years of addressing and fighting for property rights issues of our own business and as a past board member of Property Rights Australia, I have given up on either of the two major parties ever focusing on regional QLD issues, they have lost touch with the people. This is why I have decided to run as a candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation. I am not going to continue to knock on the doors of politicians who have no interest in listening to issues in the bush.

    Our children and grandchildren are relying on the government to stand up and make a change so that rural communities, rural businesses, and primary producers can prosper and maintain healthy lifestyles.

    "If elected, I will fight for Callide and push for the changes needed for rural people. With a wealth of experience as a grazier, mother, educator of my children through distance education, rural business partner, and property rights advocator, I am stepping forward to be the voice for this electorate and rural Australia."