The Tasmanian's Have Gone Mad and Your Gender is at Stake!

Australia, the Tasmanian's have gone mad and your gender is at stake! By default, gender on birth certificates will now be blank in Tasmania. Labor seems to be all over the place with their policy these days. Will Bill Shorten oppose this ridiculousness? How about cutting immigration while you're at it?

Posted by Steve Dickson on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tasmania Goes Genderless – “Girl” & “Boy” Under Attack

The Tasmanian politicians have gone mad and your gender is at stake! By default, gender on birth certificates will now be blank in Tasmania.

Labor seems to be all over the place with their policy these days. Will Bill Shorten oppose this ridiculousness? Unlikely. How about cutting immigration while you’re at it?

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  1. Merv wright
    Merv wright says:

    Pauline. Is it proticol to raise a question in the senate asking all leaders to declare there opinion on this very. Very wicked law by Tassie.
    Kids have been boys and girls since time immemorial. There gender goes back in time before common law.
    The ruling is that important and cemented in our identificatoon before tome began.

  2. Paul Skidmore
    Paul Skidmore says:

    Really ??? Have our so called politicians got nothing better to worry about? Time to get rid of them if they are trying to justify their position by dreaming up these stupid ideas to keep their jobs.

  3. Ray Marendaz
    Ray Marendaz says:

    It is very hard to come to terms with supposedly well educated people who for some unknown logical reason wish to made life difficult for the majority of Australians
    It is interesting when we know it takes a male and a female to have a child. That being the case it is obvious that a birth certificate must state male or female and the parents names.
    It no agenda is shown on the birth certificate do we now refer to the child as THING and as in the French revolution the all peoples were addressed as CITIZEN

    • Donald Goldsmith
      Donald Goldsmith says:

      I think you are quite right, the parents must surely have some say, sixteen year olds are very impressionable and for them to seek to change the status of their gender they should have to get permission from their parents until they are of voting age. The real story is that 1 politicians are so gutless these days(Except one nation)2 The LGBTQI people want to induce younger males and females into their fold because they don’t like old farts, but remember when the muslims take over all these different people will thrown off tall buildings, watch Indonesia for further verification.

  4. Ann
    Ann says:

    So if the birth certificates are going to be left blank what do you say ” hello has your grandchild been born yet”? and what did your daughter have! “oh she had a blank child” I have never heard anything so bloody ridiculous in all my life.Children are born male or female end of story you bloody polly idiots.

  5. Daniel RM
    Daniel RM says:

    All this gender confusion, is simply just that. Confused, insecure people who don’t know who / what they are. They want to/(forced to) join a movement in order to be recognised by someone since they have no other values.
    These people are sheep and easily manipulated by the media and other entities.

    Hopefully there is enough right minded people to prevent this sort of society ‘pollution’ from spreading and getting their way.

  6. Paula
    Paula says:

    It’s just ridiculous. Regardless of what you choose to call yourself or which parts of ur body you choose to remove, you can’t change DNA, ur gender will always be ur gender !

    • tom paul
      tom paul says:

      One Nation is for the people. I blame this whole gender ”thingy” on the bleeding heart left and the education system. They snuck in the back door and are not the majority in Schools, Universities and so much of the Au. Government.
      I truly hope Australians see through all this crap from other political parties and DO vote One Nation.

  7. Daniel Simms
    Daniel Simms says:

    Fools and more fools……it is like living in a nightmare. Every fool who voted for same sex marriage have ad a hand in opening the lid to this Leftist SICKNESS that is designed to destroy our children and then our community and finally our Country…..

  8. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    What I really hate is the LBGTQ vindictive agenda to ruin young impressionable minds with their sick distorted reality of who they are. It’s like the LBGTQ are wanting to avenge themselves for the discrimination they claim to have suffered in the past. They are loud and bullying but the only thing they can never change is the sex they were born with and I believe that the LBGTQ hate themselves for what they are.


    What about the next step, all sporting codes will have to allow all genders to play against each other and boys will treat girls the same as a boy, no holding back when it comes to fighting, no more its against the law to hit a female, wow look out.

  10. lyn
    lyn says:

    Tassie government has lost the plot….absolutely ludicrous..!! Who cares what people decide to be….why is this in our face??? Born male or female….this should be recognized on all births….stupid, stupid Tassie government.!!!

  11. A
    A says:

    @Lauren: Check out s.187 of the Criminal Code Act (NT), which mandates 5 years for an aggravated assault, and 1 year otherwise. One of the conditions which will turn an assault into an aggravated assault is if a male hits a female.

    One problem with Tassie’s retarded legislation is, what happens if a “blank” person moves interstate? I hope Australia is sensible enough to see how idiotic this is, but I’m losing hope.

  12. Chris
    Chris says:

    More left wing political madness. Why are these people not run out of the country? Your either male or female by birth. There is not one scientific study world wide to say otherwise. More LGBT madness.


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