The Bradfield Blitz

When One Nation says “we will build a hybrid Bradfield scheme” we mean we will build a hybrid Bradfield scheme.

The Labor party has made some token statements, but behind the scenes, they are looking at laws to make the constructions of dams in Queensland more difficult.

And while the LNP acts like they are converts to the cause, all they are promising is another “feasibility study.”

The truth is “feasibility studies” are just expensive delaying tactics. One Nation wants to break ground as soon as possible, which is why we have been hitting the airwaves with a Bradfield Blitz.

One Nation is 100% committed to securing long term water security and prosperity for Australia.

We will not twiddle our thumbs and waste your money paying bureaucrats big dollars to write another report into why we should have the Bradfield Scheme while water continues to fall from the sky and flow out to sea.

It is about time we see less talk and more action.

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