The Truth About One Nation Preferences

You own your preferences

Every election, the Liberal party will say that One Nation preferences the Labor party and the Labor party will say that One Nation preferences the Liberals.Its all a big party trick to confuse voters.One Nation does not control which party your vote flows to. If you vote 1 for One Nation, we can't decide who your vote gets handed to if our candidate is knocked out.If you vote 1 for One Nation and our candidate gets knocked out, your vote will only flow to the candidate YOU marked 2 on the ballot paper. Any party's how to vote card is only a recommendation.Don't buy into the big party lies and confusion. You own your vote and a vote for One Nation is a vote for One Nation, its as simple as that.#preferences #onenation #paulinehanson #longman #election #auspolAuthorised by M Pucci for Pauline Hanson's One Nation 2/38 Hudson Road Albion 4010

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Monday, July 16, 2018

Speaking with many people across Caboolture, Morayfield and Bribie Island today made me realise that not many people know how preferences work.

Preferences are unavoidable because voters must number every box on a ballot paper.


Share this post with as many people as you can to ensure they understand that political parties don’t own the preferences.

How to vote cards are only a recommendation.

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  1. Dell Rolfe
    Dell Rolfe says:

    Pauline I think you should put your preferences on the how to vote cards because at the last election people didn’t understand how it works and a lot of people just marked 1 square.
    They need something to follow.
    There are a lot of dumb people out there.

    • Margaret Holmes
      Margaret Holmes says:

      Yes, I agree. Do you have anybody down here in South Gippsland I could talk to about it. Friends I’ve spoken to about it have said they don’t know how to fill in the forms. I was a bit outspoken yesterday about how I felt about South Sudanese and Muslim continuing immigration to Australia and the person I spoke to said , Ï bet you follow Pauline Hanson “. Why not ? Nobody consulted me when they decided to round up all those boy soldiers and their families from the African jungle and bring them over here and dump them in Melbourne suburbs and look what we’ve ended up with. They had a choice when they decided to bring the Syrian refugees over here. They could have brought Syrian Christians or Syrian Muslims. The Syrian Christians have been tormented and harassed by the Syrian muslims for many decades. This is predominately a Christian western society. It would have made sense to bring Syrian christians. Last I heard they were going to bring both. I hope they didn’t bring them all
      on the same planes . Our government has a lot to answer for. We had the right to be selective but they think it’s ok to bring the offal from Africa and the Middle East to Australia to feast on our centrelink department. And the Australian people have to put up with it.

  2. Greg Murphy
    Greg Murphy says:

    Dear One Nation, I understand preferences under our current Westminster system are unavoidable, however it is an antequated condition passed on to us.You would be aware that many people across the country do not wish to give their vote to a major party and many of the others for that matter, this would cost One Nation many seats and Miss Hanson whom I support 100% for her hard work, sufferance and honesty looses a big portion of the vote because of this, I’m sure if preferences were not an option she would be surprised. As a normal everyday Aussie it concerns me whom is chosen to give them too? One vote one party.

    • Phay Rippin
      Phay Rippin says:

      I agree with Greg. One Nation will lose many votes if their votes go to either one of the major parties, the system needs changing as Greg has said: One vote, One Party.

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      I also agree….having to allocate preferences is, in a lot of cases, voting for the enemy, and will encourage people to vote informal rather than give their vote away.

    • Ron Holt
      Ron Holt says:

      Yes Greg, the 2 party preference system is Not Democratic, as you suggest 1 vote for 1 party is truly democracy.

    • Neil K Harrison
      Neil K Harrison says:

      How can the system
      that is obviously biased
      towards the big party’s be changed to a 1 vote
      for 1party system and get fairness back or is
      that too scary for the
      major party’s.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    Most Australians are ignorant or dont care. You must choose your own preferences. Ignore what you are told as they have a hidden agenda to make sure that they remain in power.

    • Adele Embrey
      Adele Embrey says:

      I think if all Aussies voted sensibly in the first place instead of voting informal we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now. Make every vote count no matter which preference you wish to vote in. I also think everyone should use a Biro to fill out their voting form so that it can’t be changed in the tally room. Adele

  4. paul
    paul says:

    we didn/t vote for any preference system…so who the bloody hell asked us the corrupt prolly only used by the most corrupt western nation,,, Australia…

  5. Robert B
    Robert B says:

    I must admit that I use to always vote above the line,( being ignorant is what it’s called) now I choose below the line and look for the ones I believe are true to heart and with sincerity, they may be a mixed bunch but they generally the ones that end up keeping the barsted honest.

    It should be mandatory all student be taught about how our governments and parliaments are formed, how they operates, understanding the laws and our constitution would eventually improve our way of life, but that may never happen it would it would pose far too much of a threat to those that are in there just for their own means

  6. K. Oades
    K. Oades says:

    What happened to the simple concept of “one person, one vote”?
    If I vote for someone i want that person to have my vote. Not have it go to who ever they have done “deals” with.

  7. john drew
    john drew says:

    Exhaustive preferential voting and compulsory voter registration are two of the more bizarre and long running aspects of the electoral system in Australia. The former has the effect of sending votes for independents and minor parties to the two large parties. The latter creates safe seats for the two large parties. The abolition of both would create a much more balanced and competitive electoral system. The first past the post voting system was replaced by preferential voting when the Country Party appeared around the First World War. In the Longman election a small number of One Nation valid votes will decide the outcome. Avery large number of invalid votes will be cast as people hate exhaustive preferential voting.

  8. Peter Zazlan
    Peter Zazlan says:

    Dell Rolfe was correct , one has to explain, if Labor is not ‘marked’ last, that may contribute to their win.
    Can a cheap, State wide ‘poll’ about ‘preference’ voting be conducted ?
    Be interesting to see;
    1: how many know how ‘preferences’ work
    2: for those who do, would they prefer to only have, 1 Vote = 1 Value

  9. Nick
    Nick says:

    Maybe so but I believe 1 person 1 vote !! Bit of a clanger where I vote . Basically 2 major parties !! Not much else .. Go to vote but party interested in not available ?? Ask how can I vote .answered you have to vote for parties provided ?? Not interested ? Still have to vote ! But WHY do I have to support party /parties OF whom I don’t want to vote . Ha ah ha still have to vote ..BULLSHIT !! Is that the fair way ? No way ! No wonder we are governed by CLOWNS Where is the fairness there ??

  10. colin burger
    colin burger says:

    A Desiree Cullen posted on F.B. a few days ago, / Voting on the big white paper. Don’t start at the top that’s where the votes are given away. Start at the bottom part as the vote stays with the person you want, they give them away.
    Yse a pen not a pencil. / I don’t know if this is true. Like in box at the bottom vote 1 One Nation, 2 Australian Conservatives, 3 Katter Australia, 4 Darin Hinch, ECT howefer you like, 18 Librel, 19 Labour, 20 Greens. sounds good to me, just fill ALL the boxs with people you may like / some one else that nows more might be able to clarifire this.

  11. keith holder
    keith holder says:

    attention Ms Hanson. I am a One Nation supported, and I would like to see a One nation candidate in the Riverina area now that the Liberal national party member Mr Maguire has gone. I live in Wagga Wagga N.S.W and this area is growing fast and I think we need a strong person to keep this area growing and keep other government people honest .
    could this be a possibility ..
    yours sincerely
    Keith H

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