Is this the future of Australia?

Enough is enough. Political correctness has gone too far. Please LIKE and SHARE if you agree. #PoliticalCorrectness #Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #SteveDickson

Posted by Steve Dickson on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The True Victims of Political Correctness

Enough is enough. Political correctness has gone too far. SHARE this on Facebook if you agree.

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  1. chris
    chris says:

    getting beyond a joke now. where do we sign up to help out pauline? even malcolm turnball is being pc by pandering to the left and leaving conservatives in the lurch. labor will be a disaster for this country.. remember a vote for labori is a vote for sharia law. thats right a number of labor seats propped up by muslim voters. labor will connive and do anything to get in. once in they will never be removed due to immigration numbers. scary.

  2. Darren Sandow
    Darren Sandow says:

    This has the makings of a great campaign video would love to see it on a billboard! But that to would be sensitive.
    Keep up the great work !!
    Yes we need to move forward on what true Australia is all about.
    Cheers Darren

  3. Maree
    Maree says:

    This is so true as I have always believed in what Pauline has said for 18 years plus and look what is happening. It’s really sad. I don’t call Australia home anymore and I never thought I would say that. 😭

  4. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    All too true Steve. You could have added another 1,000 pages as we are being assaulted on every level in the gender ‘divide and conquer’ war games.

  5. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    It’s very sad, lm worried about my children and grandchildren and all good Australian’s, only when we dispose of the Liberal and labour governments will we see this country come back from all the corruption.

    • Elaine Herold
      Elaine Herold says:

      You are right. However, there are many true Australians who will say what they think and feel regardless. It is sad to realise that so many in our younger generation are so insecure and thin skinned that they cannot take so many words and comments in the vein in which they are meant. Australia is/was a down to earth country and we enjoyed freedom of speech. If certain people cannot conduct themselves appropriately then punish them….not all people. Bring back freedom of speech and rid us of this POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Who are the idiots who make these rules anyhow?

  6. Mark
    Mark says:

    Politics. The Right Side is about business and capitalism. The Left side is about equality, a fair go and socialism. As each side has a go the too and fro balance the country, as we do need a bit of both for a stable country. We need capitalism to create jobs and income, and we need socialism to support the workers and those who can’t. But the left has been in power too long, the media supports the left and has pushed the agenda too long. Now we have a making of a socialist nightmare where we have no room to make our own choices, we do not have the right to voice our concerns without fear of offending, we do not have the rights to hold onto our customs in case they offend. What about what others that offends us, do we not also have rights?? If she can wear a burqa, I can celebrate Christmas, If he does Ramadan then I can do Easter, If they stop 5 times a day to pray then I have the right to call my son a Boy and my daughter a girl etc. etc.

  7. kevin thornton
    kevin thornton says:

    like most aussies, when it comes to elections, whether it be local council, or state or federal , i have always voted without asking any questions., just glad to get it out of the way and forget about it. i was wrong, by not asking local council candidates are they in favour of australia day staying as it is or are they green as my front lawn or will there main thrust be aimed towards improving local issues and not use there position as a stepping stone to enter state or federal government, by not asking questions of these people is where the radical politicians move in and start all these crazy policies because we as voters are to busy or to lax in our approach to vet these people, i for one will ask hard questions from now on and hope it might in some return some sanity to our country

  8. James
    James says:

    POLITICAL CORRECTNESS It all started with the Blackboard can’t say Black that’s racist so it was changed to chalkboard, than the manhole changed to personal access, a french person said the word to their leader mankind he said no it’s people kind, she replied, so am I a human being or a people being. this stupidity has got to stop!

  9. Gavin Stowers
    Gavin Stowers says:

    WE are the problem. We whinge and moan long and loud, but do nothing else. We bemoan the downfall of Australia….when in reality we let it happen… WE are the ones who have failed the hard workers, the elderly, the young, the farmers, the innovators, the questioners….and we do so with such a predilection for apathy that we have become masters of it. When we begin to take our jobs as proper citizens and societal custodians seriously by exercising the rights, freedoms and discernment our forefathers fought for, only then will we bring a level of solid and proportional equilibrium back to Australian society. When we start to figure out who the ACTUAL monsters of society are – and then work to weed them out – we will start to make dents in the societal evil that prevails. I call them ‘contemporary ferals’. They exist at all levels of the community. They come in all forms, guises and colours. They worship self-interest and self-preservation. They identify our fears, and use them against us…..and they take..and take…and take. They take our money……they take our time……they take our freedoms…..and they take our natural tendencies to trust, tolerate and teach. They lull us into thinking there is nothing we can do – and that we have to accept the cesspool that our society is sinking into. Contemporary Ferals – they sit in high corporate positions scheming up ways to take more of our money for less – or no – service. They loiter in the suburbs – expecting everything for nothing, or taking from those of us to actually work hard to earn a living. They masquerade as pillars of society – all the while plying their predatory amorality and societal filth in the most deceitful manner. They pretend to be people who love us…but control and abuse us. They hurt us, rob us, cheat us, deceive us……they even kill us….and we let it happen. We refuse to make them pay. We give them a green light to keep corroding and corrupting our communities. It is our fault. We need to draw a line. We need to say ‘enough’. We need to act.

  10. Leslie Barrell
    Leslie Barrell says:

    The Governments of Planet Earth have been infiltrated by Evil Anti Christ Greens,leftwing Loonys.With the exception of Donold Trump.We need Pauleen Hanson for Australia, Winston Peters for New Zealand to Govern for the People. Rowen Dean,Peta Credlin,Alan Jones,Mark Lathem, Chris Price,Ray Hadley,Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray are the People who through their beautiful Souls are fighting for [ us Mankind] to wipe out this Evil Anti Human threat to Mankind.


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