Valiant Veterans Left Behind

13 days out from ANZAC Day, we learn more than 1 in 20 homeless across Australia are Defence Force Veterans.

Both major parties have long forgotten the sacrifices made by the men and women who sign up to our Defence Forces in the name of keeping the rest of us safe.

It’s about time we put Australians priorities first instead of pouring billions of wasted dollars into foreign aid.

Labor and the Liberal / National coalition need to understand that if we break them, we must rebuild them!

NO VETERAN should ever have to sleep rough in a first world nation like ours.

This report is both shameful and embarrassing!

13 days out from ANZAC Day, we learn more than 1 in 20 homeless across Australia are Defence Force Veterans.Both major…

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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  1. Martyn Donnelly
    Martyn Donnelly says:

    Our defence men and women are our Front line representatives. They willingly go into harms way for our national interest . There lives after service must he given priority to re integrate. And receive mandatory ongoing support , It is difficult to walkaway from a state of high tension for a sustained period and enter a mundane life style , high performance sport people also suffer the same physiological anxiety.

  2. Grahame
    Grahame says:


    We must identify the ones doing it tough. We must look at the issues and have action taken to correct it.

    No ex Australian service person should be homeless.

    We need the government to identify them and support them the best way possible.
    They may not want to put their hand up but anyone who knows one support them today.

  3. Diana Hockley
    Diana Hockley says:

    Immigrants – illegal and otherwise – get looked after by the Australian taxpayer, so why aren’t our veterans who have gone into battle because some arsehole politician – ours or America’s – said we are”mates.”

  4. Tom Phillips
    Tom Phillips says:

    I to am a veteran and have accepted disabilities through active service–I am now at a point in my life where I am limited to movement–I have a small swim pool (plunge pool) but cannot access it down the three steps–I requested assistance from Veterans Affairs for a safety rail and included in that request letters of support from my GP and Chiropractor, the request was denied–I also sent it to the Minister of Veterans Affairs who also denied it. What happened to the support for Veterans?

  5. Wally Schiel
    Wally Schiel says:

    This is not surprising from our elected leaders from both sides of politics! The newly elected Govenor of WA ( Beasley) is on a $400,000 pension, and his new wage will be around $250,000! What a disgusting parity with ex defence pensions after serving for 20 years! And homeless Diggers left out in the cold! Shame!!

  6. Gene Wyngaard
    Gene Wyngaard says:

    Yes I agree wholeheartedly that this practice of failing to assist DF veterans while luxuriously housing, schooling and feeding the so called ‘refugees’ is disgusting. These people are coming in here with covert but well known agendas. They do not and will never integrate and fit in with the Australian way of life. Rather, with their aggressive ‘religious’ tactics, they plan to out-breed, eventually outnumber us and turn Australia into another shithole like the one that came from. They must be stopped at the borders. We need to look after our own FIRST and a good start to this would be getting rid of Halal Mal, Julie Bullship of course Bull Shitten. They are all pandering to these dole bludging parasites and must GO and GO NOW!

    I am an immigrant by the way. I immigrated to New Zealand (where I lived for 19 years, leaving there in 2012 for Australia only because of the devastating Christchurch earthquakes in 2010) in 1993 from South Africa (where I lived for 16 years) and am eternally grateful for the opportunity and the safe lifestyle I am so blessed with.

    To get into NZ in the first place, I had to have acceptable qualifications and experience. I had to have a clean criminal record and a clean bill of health. I was scrutinised thoroughly (and rightly so) before being granted permanent residence to NZ. I was also NOT entitled to any government assistance.

    So my question is why are so many of these black African and Middle East immigrants being allowed into the country when it is obvious a lot of them bring little or nothing to the table yet they are comfortable housed and funded at the tax payer’s expense??? Not to mention our (I say ‘our’ because I have irrevocably accepted Australia as my country and home) DF veterans who are being left out in the cold. I too am a war veteran having been a soldier in the Rhodesian war for 7 years so I understand their plight.

    Pauline and Peter Dutton, I and so many others are counting on you to make the necessary changes to Australia’s immigration policy. It’s simple enough: if immigrants of working age cannot contribute to the economy or are a danger to society and will not integrate (expecting US to integrate with THEM!!), then don’t let them in! If they are allowed in, they must be gainfully employed and paying taxes within 12 months or be deported. NO exceptions!

    • Geoff Schleehauf
      Geoff Schleehauf says:

      This is spot on and it is a pity that our politicians will not take an ounce of notice of it’s contents. They are too worried in chasing votes from these mongrels rather than looking after our own people first. The old saying, Look after your own backyard first should always apply. We are being inundated by these illegal immigrants simply because of our welfare and piss weak politicians.

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth says:

      Hi Gene,
      Thanks for sharing your first-hand experiences, especially that you had no welfare when you arrived.
      Totally agree, some parts of the world are simply incompatible with our Western/European based society.
      So there can only be discontent when we have to take migrants from every country, every political background, and religion, with no foreseeable stop.
      The Australian people simply have had no say in this.
      How this has changed the look and feel of our suburbs and eroded our ‘Australian-ness’.
      We are not a Middle Eastern country, nor an Asian country.

  7. Monte
    Monte says:

    I left the Army and had my life turned upside down with no re training or assistance , my wife left me and I found it difficult to get work because my military skills were not transferable to civilian life , i drifted to loneliness and despair and was living through the kindness of freinds on $200 a fortnight . was at the lowest point in my life with no worth what so ever . many veterans are in the same way or have found themselves facing the only option left to them which is very easy when its all you have left . I’m lucky I got stronger ,persisted and retrained myself and was guided by family and freinds who watched over me but I never recived much from the DVA , had to fight hard to get councelling , and now I recieve what would be an insult as a pension , our illigal imigrants receive more benefits and money than I or my fellow service people do. please stop this and re right the issue.Our Service Vetrans should come first not ilegal imigrants I wasted 27 years of my life for nothing , i’ve lost great mates and have paid my taxes why do we end up as a last option to the government and its people.

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth says:

      Dear Monty,
      I am so sorry your life has been difficult.
      If Pauline pushed forward your rights, and the rights of all armed forces veterans, for fair compensation/pension to last you into your elderly years, I will march in the streets for you.

  8. Chris Kirby
    Chris Kirby says:

    I’m a Return Veteran and had to fight the Department of Veteran Affairs for what I can have, But you have to have to prove that you where in a conflict / war. Who keeps there Medical Documents or there copies of the there history of their conflicts! So I was on the street living day by day.

  9. Ann Covill
    Ann Covill says:

    Lets look after Australians first.
    Stop immigration and sending billions overseas untill our farmers ,devence war veterans and homeless are taken care off.
    Send people that create crimes back to their countries.
    Charity begins at home.
    What is able to be manufactured or grown here should be.
    Support our industry! Then look elsewhere.

    • Geoff Schleehauf
      Geoff Schleehauf says:

      Anyone wanting to settle in this country and gain citizenship should have at least five years of temporary settlement and at any time during this period that they or their family members break our laws, then they should be deported back to where they came from with no further opportunities of returning to our country.

  10. kent scott
    kent scott says:

    Australia needs to halt the billions of dollars its going away to UN sanctioned foreign aid…That money is needed here at home in Australia. Tell our Fed: Minister Ms Bishop enough is enough. Halt the foreign aid until Australians are looked after.


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