GST OVERHAUL | Finally Malcolm Turnbull and his team listened to my calls on behalf of all West Australians for a FAIRER share of GST.It's come but at what cost ??I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts on this too!#GSTForWA #OneNation #PeterGeorgiou #Auspol #WApol

Posted by Peter Georgiou - One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Senator Georgiou and WA Win on GST

One Nation Senator for Western Australia Peter Georgiou has cautiously offered a luke-warm response to the state’s 4.7 billion dollar Goods and Services Tax windfall following the long awaited findings from the Productivity Commission’s review into the GST saga.
“Being a passionate advocate for GST reform I am pleased Treasurer Scott Morrison has listened to my calls on behalf of all Western Australians for a better and bigger slice of the GST pie” he said.
“This has been long overdue and finally it’s good to see that after eight years Western Australia can expect to see some GST justice!” he added.
“That money will allow the state government to use the funds for schools, hospitals and road upgrades and other infrastructure as needed”.
The Senator also added that in reality, the Commonwealth was doing the minimum as a step toward genuine GST reform.
He said it was clear from the PC report, Western Australia generated more state-sourced revenue than any other state and as a result had been penalised for its achievements over the last decade.
“So what Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull are offering WA is at the very least, what this great state deserves”.
“At the same time I am concerned the government will be forced to dip into its own coffers to the tune of billions of dollars to “ensure no state is worse off”.
“I remain unconvinced about the Commonwealth’s desire or intent to pay off the nation’s rapidly rising debt and have concerns about its budgetary and fiscal management skills”.
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  1. Graciela
    Graciela says:

    Agree. Is time for power is being abused and their laziness on the job is not done, any government doesn’t see the problem Islam refugees are bringing is disgraceful, country needs borders and Australia’s deserve a peaceful country, ban refugees status legislation, the world is changing so no more refugees status, who ever want to come to a country needs to apply with paperwork…!! Australians need to stop donations to corrupt rules, by banning the UN, and He Paris agreement donations is false.


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