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Raised on regional Victorian farmland, Warren worked in various aspects of the construction industry. In his late 20s, the desire to contribute a service to this country compelled him to join the Australian Army as a combat engineer.

After seven years of full-time service, multiple foreign operations and engagements, and domestic deployments as both a trainer instructor of foreign security forces and section commander during humanitarian aid/disaster relief operations, he transferred to the Army Reserves. It was here Warren gained employment in the central Queensland coal industry.

Since being stood down for noncompliance after publicly vocalising his discontent with the COVID-19 vaccination mandate implemented by the company with which he was employed, his desire to serve the wider Australian community beckoned once again.

"I’ve always felt an inherent sense of moral obligation as both a parent and citizen of our country to stand in the face of injustice and mismanagement of our children’s future."

A firm believer in the sovereignty of the individual and the integrity of the constitution, Warren strongly advocates for restoring public faith in the political process in Victoria. He intends to represent working-class Australians who have been too busy working hard to sustain this country’s GDP to engage in political dialogue. As a result, everyday Australians are finding themselves drastically underrepresented in all areas of government.

"To achieve the balance of power in the Senate, we need to put aside the differences that serve only to separate us. We need to come together under firm leadership, smart policy, and one banner. I am standing up to become part of that leadership because One Nation has the smart policies and has always been the flagbearer for the Australian working class."

Warren firmly believes that we need to mitigate risk against global, social, and economic impacts that threaten our way of life for both strategic and economic purposes. A minimum of 90 days of fuel security, the ability to refine on home soil, and the promotion of critical thinking within our education system are the cornerstones of his beliefs.

"The primary intention of government policy is to advance the quality of life for the society it claims to represent. Any less than this serves only to erode the public’s confidence in both its integrity and ability to govern. Some feel that we’re on the precipice of social and economic collapse. That's why it’s time to take the power back."

Warren is a single parent in regional Victoria and the owner of a bricklaying construction company.

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Ex ADF combat engineer Warren Pickering will represent working class Australians who've been too busy working hard and sustaining this country’s GDP to engage in political dialogue & now find themselves underrepresented by government #OneNationAus #auspol