Water Security

Australia’s water woes will be solved not by demonising our farmers and destroying our nation’s agricultural sector but by investing in water infrastructure and using human ingenuity to overcome adversity.

It is time for people to accept our farmers are not the problem because they are more environmentally careful and more water-efficient than at any other time in Australia’s history. They are part of the solution, not the problem and they need our support.

One Nation will:

  • Always oppose the privatisation of water and water assets or infrastructure
  • Build more dams and pipelines across Australia
  • Oppose CSG and mining on prime agricultural land where it will impact our water supply
  • Recognise farmers play an important role in the care of our land and water supply
  • Commit to the Hybrid Bradfield Scheme to capture and pipeline floodwater from the monsoon regions to drought-stricken areas of Australia

Capturing floodwater from the North

Due to a total lack of vision from our major parties, thousands of gigalitres of floodwater from monsoonal rains flow into the ocean off Northern Queensland, while the southern regions of Australia go without.

Coral does not live in freshwater, so why are we allowing this floodwater to flow out to sea during these monsoonal downpours in North Queensland?

If we collected roughly one weeks’ worth of the floodwater that currently goes to waste, flowing into the ocean, it would be enough to supply every irrigator in the Murray-Darling basin with water for a year.

The Bradfield Scheme

One Nation believes we need to undertake a comprehensive nation-building project, known as the Hybrid Bradfield Scheme, to increase the water storage capacity of Northern Queensland monsoon region, by building more dams, pipelines and upgrading existing infrastructure, so that this additional water can be redirected towards the areas of Australia that need it the most.

By implementing this Hybrid Bradfield Scheme we could drought-proof large areas of interior Australia, help fix the water issues in the Murray Darling, connect water basins across the country and offer new hydroelectricity projects.

Our fight to drought-proof Australia

One Nation has been outspoken in calling for nation-building water infrastructure projects for over 20 years.

In February 2019, One Nation moved a motion in the Senate to secure commitment, support and funding for the Hybrid Bradfield Scheme and build water infrastructure to meet our needs.

The motion was voted down by the Liberal/Nationals, Labor and the Greens.

Our promise to you

One Nation will again be taking this proposal for a Hybrid Bradfield Scheme as a policy to the next election. We will always fight for the nation’s water security needs.

We will deliver the nation-building, water security infrastructure projects that this country is crying out for.

The other parties can promise billions of dollars for all the bridges and tunnels they want, but if we don’t have the water infrastructure required for our survival our nation will starve.

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      As a resident of FNQ I can say that we are amazed that the monsoonal floods go to waste. The Bradfield scheme needs to be a key policy for One Nation and in the aftermath of the pandemic it is time for us to push this ‘nation building’ infrastructure project to the forefront of the economic recovery conversation. What better way to help stimulate regional economies and provide jobs for hard hit areas as well as provide water security for the south…
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