Alan Jorgensen for Watson

Alan has seen his beloved nation turn from a prosperous, affordable, self-sufficient hub of resilience, into a foreign-reliant country of unaffordability. That's why Alan has stepped up in support of One Nation's policies on foreign ownership, smaller government, and fiscal responsibility with a freedom-first approach.

Alan has seen how the people of Watson and beyond have been forgotten by big government. "This has got to change if the people of Australia are to retain any resemblance of the great nation we once had."

One Nation will deliver change by giving the people of Australia back their voice through the introduction of a Citizens Initiated Referenda which enables Australian citizens to put forward legislation or a referendum question without waiting for politicians to listen and act.

Alan is standing as a candidate for the seat of Watson to help make a change for the better. It's his view that if we want to improve the state of our wonderful country we need to support Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

"One Nation's policies make sense and I have always believed in them. If implemented, these policies will protect Australia and all Australians, increase industry and manufacturing, lower taxes, secure our energy and resources, and provide sensible solutions for winding back our massive debt."


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In Alan's lifetime, he's seen the Australia we know & love destroyed by bad governments. He says we need to make a change for the benefit of future generations and bring back manufacturing, be more self-sufficient, & less reliant on other countries #auspol