Adam Booke for Werriwa

Adam has spent his life growing up and building many strong networks during his career within the Werriwa electorate. He has 15 years of experience dealing directly with the public through big-box retail management, a large portion of which has been spent working in Werriwa itself, Adam is well placed to represent the constituents of this community in the 2022 Federal election.

"I have spent years talking with the local Werriwa community. You’d be surprised how well you can get to know a population, and what makes them tick, when they’re buying their daily essentials!" Adam said.

"I am passionate about bringing back the Australia we know and love. This means reducing the size of government, bringing back accountability, giving the average Aussie a voice, putting families first, and so much more." Adam is confident that the policies One Nation stands by are the means that will achieve these ends.

"Looking at Werriwa in particular, I want to give the constituents true representation and not the party politics they have endured for so long. We need to get back to our grassroots and protect the individual rights and freedoms of our people."

This is why Adam supports Pauline Hanson's call for a COVID Royal Commission to achieve more transparency and accountability around what drove the federal and state governments to call for lockdowns, mandates, border closures, and other measures which have caused widespread harm to communities, businesses, and our civil liberties.

"The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge negative impact on many Australian communities, Werriwa especially. The ability to earn a living has been hindered for many, not to mention the ongoing health implications of both the virus and the vaccination." 

Previously an 'essential worker', Adam has been impacted personally by the mandates introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic and he wants to right these wrongs immediately.

"Australian politics has only one truly conservative party and that is One Nation. I am proud to throw my hat in the ring and look forward to fighting for a better tomorrow."

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Adam wants the Australia we know & love restored through smaller government, greater accountability, giving the average Aussie a voice, and more. He's confident that the policies #OneNationAus stands by are the means that will achieve these ends. #auspol