About One Nation

Pauline Hanson exploded upon the Australian political scene with her landmark maiden speech to Parliament after she was elected the Member for Oxley in 1996.

Her message resonated with more than a million Australians who flocked to Federal and state polls to stand with Pauline for Australian values. One Nation achieved a primary vote of 9% in the Federal election and 22% in the 1998 Queensland elections.

Frightened by the threat Pauline represented to the Australian political establishment, Tony Abbott led a campaign which established a trust fund to bankroll spurious civil court cases against One Nation. Pauline was ultimately vindicated and returned to the leadership of One Nation in 2014 to launch her campaign to return to Parliament.

In 2016, One Nation returned to Parliament House in Canberra stronger than ever. With Malcolm Roberts, Pauline shares the balance of power in the Senate and leverages this position to fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.

At this Federal election, there’s a great opportunity to increase One Nation’s strength and influence in Canberra so Pauline can continue the fight to put Australia and Australians first.

Join Pauline’s fight today.