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Robert Jones has lived in Corio for the last 10 years and has worked in the security industry, including maritime security, for over 15 years. Some of that time he has spent in the Geelong area.

Living in Corio, Robert knows how hard it is to find good work in Geelong.

A family man who is passionate about improving support for families in Corio, he's noticed an increased need for family assistance in the community over the last couple of years.

Following One Nation's jobs and infrastructure policies, Robert supports more apprenticeships and traineeships for the Corio and surrounding areas. He recognises that this will enable young people to be competitive in the job market.

Robert maintains that affordable energy is a necessity for life. "We need to work smarter and better in using new technologies and relining on our natural resources not for the benefit of our global competitors. Building low-emission coal-fired power stations, restoring our essential fuel reserves, and investigation of nuclear power. One Nation's affordable energy and cost of living policies are the way forward."

He's watched as the government has lost touch with the ordinary Australian people. This was demonstrated in their handling of the pandemic over the last couple of years and the excessive force used by the police in dealing with peaceful protesters. For this reason, Robert supports Pauline Hanson's call for a broad royal commission into the state and federal governments' COVID response.

"At the present time, we are heading down a dark road. The current governments, both state and federal, have eroded our fundamental human rights and civil liberties. It is time to stand up and push back before it is too late. What's more, the prime minister's poor handling of climate change issues and his failure to protect our interests is not what we voted for." he says. 

"We have been disenfranchised by our state and federal governments. I intend to make a difference by 'keeping the bastards honest'. The conduct of our present Premier of Victoria and the way he's treated the people of Victoria is not representative of a democratic government. The enforced segregation and demonisation of the unvaccinated, the administration's overreach, and the brutal actions of the police against protesters and the independent media shocked the world. Melbourne was the world's most locked-down city! Yet our Prime Minister has sat back on his hands and said nothing to help or manage the COVID-19 pandemic and simply let the states and territories ride roughshod over him.

"I stand with One Nation in bringing back Australian values, jobs, and manufacturing."

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Robert has watched as Australia's state and federal governments have lost touch with ordinary Australian people and eroded our fundamental human rights and civil liberties. He says it is now time to stand up and push back. #OneNationAus #AusPol2022 #auspol