Digital Identity Bill 2023

The Digital Identity Bill 2023 was introduced to the Senate in the final sitting weeks of this year.

This might be the most terrifying piece of legislation Australia’s parliament has seen.

“Digital ID is not compulsory,” said Labor Minister Gallagher, all too casually.

“It’s a voluntary, secure, and convenient way for you to access online services safely without having your personal documents in the possession of third party ‘data harvesters’. I’m proud to have introduced our Digital ID Bill this week – this technology will transform our economy.” At least Minister Gallagher managed to tell the truth with that last sentence. Digital ID will transform Australia’s economy … into all the worst parts of a dystopian horror film.

Shortly after tweeting with the comments turned off (avoiding debate and public feedback), Minister Gallagher’s post was fact checked with the addition of a rather embarrassing community notes section.

Readers added context they thought people might want to know: Labelling Digital ID as ‘voluntary’ can be misleading if it becomes an implicit requirement for essential services.

While people were not able to reply to Gallagher directly, they could reblog her post and add their thoughts. They had a lot of thoughts…

It amused people no end that the government – desperate to bring in so-called ‘misinformation and disinformation’ controls on social media – had Ministers being pulled up on social media for doing exactly that: spreading misleading information.

If anything, Gallagher’s comment censorship served as proof the one-term Labor-Green government intends to use its misinformation and disinformation bill to shield unpopular policy from criticism.

Digital ID will not be ‘compulsory’ in the same way that Covid vaccines were ‘voluntary’.

Remember how many elected representatives scoffed in the faces of citizens who complained about being coerced and threatened?

No doubt the government will afford the same level of sympathy to those who’d rather pass on Digital ID. One Nation will be fighting the dystopian Digital ID at every turn.