Draconian WA Premier Introduces Mandatory Jabs and Crippling Fines

Mark McGowan has grabbed the lead in the ‘Worst State Dictator Sweepstake’, by announcing the most draconian set of vaccine mandates Australia has ever seen.

Seventy five per cent of WA’s workforce will be forced to get jabbed, including workers in supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, post offices, hardware stores, childcare, schools, bars, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, hardware stores, banks, petrol stations, public and commercial facilities, accommodation and construction.

ALL must get the jab by 1st December 2021.

Employers who refuse to comply, will be hit with $100,000 fines while individual workers, will be slugged with fines of $20,000.

A third group will be required to get vaccinated in the event of a lockdown.

This group includes workers in bottle shops, newsagents, pet stores, wholesalers, critical conveyancing and settlement agents, government or local government services, vehicle, or mechanical and mechanical repair services, roadside assistance, forestry, primary industries, factories, manufacturing, fabrication and production, Media Services, members of Parliament and their staff.

In a statement to the media, McGowan ludicrously claimed the Order to be “proportionate and reasonable”. In a state with just “3 active cases”, the premier’s claim of “proportionality” has to be one of the biggest whoppers I’ve heard all year.

Health Minister Roger Cook was even more incoherent in his attempt to defend the indefensible.

He told the approving media pack that WA was "entering the final crucial phase, in footy terms".

"The final minutes of the game are the most dangerous, it's the time when you make mistakes.

"Our enemy, the pandemic, never stops - it doesn't fatigue... so we can't keep our eye off the ball. We have to keep working hard."

Let me just repeat: out of a population of 2.667 million, there are currently just 3 active COVID cases right now in WA—that’s 0.0000011 of the population.