Tim Gallard for Lingiari

Tim is a family man with a desire to hand over a better Australia to the next generation. For almost 30 years he has been dedicated to his wife and raising the five children they have together.

He arrived in the Territory in 1984 as a single bloke to live at Yirrkala (Arnhem Land) and work as an aircraft engineer and now calls Alice Springs home. Cracker night, wearing thongs year-round, red dirt, and the mix of people/culture are just a few things that Tim would mention if you were to ask him about the Territory’s perks.

Being raised to work hard and earn a living resulted in Tim founding an aircraft maintenance business 15 years ago. Since then, work contracts have taken him and his family all over Australia and to PNG, giving Tim a broad understanding of the Australian way of life across diverse regions, including remote and rural communities. These experiences have affirmed Tim’s desire to see towns clean, tidy, and welcoming to locals and travelers alike. Tim also highlights the importance of work as an essential part of life.

"I want to see everyone—non-indigenous and indigenous—participating in meaningful work and being paid accordingly. We all have a responsibility to work, and in particular, I think that the younger generation needs to be taught how to work. It is time for parents to take back the responsibility of raising children that are confident in their identity and who realise the potential value of their contribution to society."

This love for families and work has resulted in Tim being involved in the local church wherever a contract would take the family be it Broome, Darwin, Geraldton, Tumut, or Mt Hagen. His roles have been in Children’s and Youth Ministries, worship teams, and preaching. This intentional sowing into the local community is as much a priority for Tim as standing up for truth. His Christian faith has been a catalyst for speaking the truth and is the reason behind his love for living life to the full wherever it takes him. Recent times have seen this passion for truth result in being dedicated to protesting the government’s approach to COVID-19.

"I stand against all mandates of recent times. The mandates as a result of the 'pandemic' have not been based on truth and do not serve Australians nor allow them to thrive. It's for this reason that I support Pauline Hanson's call for a broad Royal Commission into COVID to allow us to learn from these mistakes and get some transparency around the advice that led to these lockdowns and mandates."

As a One Nation supporter since the late 1990s and now a candidate for Lingiari, Tim will continue to stand up for all Australians and this beautiful country we live in.

Tel: 0484 590 673

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A family man with a desire to hand over a better Australia to the next generation, Tim will continue to stand up for the truth, civil liberties for Australians, and work opportunities for all in this beautiful country we live in. #OneNationAus #auspol