Leeanne Schultz for Moncrieff

Leeanne Schultz was born in a country town in Victoria. She started her working life in a textiles factory (Fletcher Jones) and at the age of 25 started her own retail business. Leeanne and her husband Graham moved to Queensland with their son Troy with the aim of giving him better opportunities. Troy is now a Civil Engineer.

Passionate about ‘Australian-made’, Leeanne runs a manufacturing, retail and wholesale business in Southport which is is a licensee of the Australian-made campaign. “To stop this great country from being flooded with cheap imports we need to bring back elevated import taxes”, she says.

Married for 39 years, Leeanne has a son and grandson. She’s always had a strong interest in Australia and what has happened to it both culturally and economically.

Leeanne decided to join One Nation because it's the party that listens to the people and builds its policies around what the people want.

Leeanne believes if you want change in this great country, you need to vote One Nation.

Within the Moncrieff electorate, Leeanne has seen a growing need for drug rehabilitation programs and for tougher enforcement of penalties for the dealers and manufacturers of these drugs that are destroying victims and their families. There is also a growing need for a better court system, especially within the family courts where many cases of domestic violence (both men and women) could have been prevented if their case could have been heard.

Let’s bring back good old Australian values.

Tel: 0479 146 667

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Leeanne joined Pauline Hanson's One Nation as the candidate for the electorate of Moncrieff because it's is the party that listens to the people and builds its policies around what the people want. Vote #One NationAus and put the majors last. #auspol