Oppose the Allocation of $600 Million to the NRL for an 18th Team in Papua New Guinea

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Senate to overturn and oppose the recent decision by the Albanese Government to fund $600 million for the introduction of an 18th team in the National Rugby League (NRL) in Papua New Guinea.

During a time of housing and cost-of-living crises, it is our belief that such an expenditure is not only reckless but also an irresponsible use of taxpayer money. While Australians hold their sport in high regard and have a strong affinity for rugby league, the allocation of $600 million to a foreign country for a sports team is deeply concerning and misaligned with the pressing needs of Australian citizens.

The potential benefits of redirecting this significant amount of funds towards critical domestic issues are numerous and substantial:

  • Housing: $600 million could facilitate the construction of approximately 8,000 new homes, providing much-needed relief to many Australians struggling with housing affordability.
  • Healthcare: This funding could establish new hospitals in regional areas, improving access to medical services and enhancing public health infrastructure.
  • Education: The funds could be used to build at least two new high schools, offering better educational opportunities for our children.
  • Public Safety: A new police academy could be established, or hundreds of new police officers could be equipped and deployed, thereby enhancing community safety.

It is troubling to witness a significant portion of public funds being diverted to support a commercial enterprise like the NRL, especially when the organisation itself is financially robust. The NRL's executives and players already enjoy substantial earnings through sponsorships and contracts, and the organisation has ample funds at its disposal for expansion initiatives.

Prime Minister Albanese’s decision to allocate such a large sum of taxpayer money to this cause raises serious questions about his priorities and the government's commitment to addressing the real and urgent needs of Australians. Governance should focus on ensuring the well-being and prosperity of its citizens, not on funding sports ventures abroad.

We urge the Senate to take immediate action to reconsider this allocation and ensure that taxpayer money is spent on initiatives that directly benefit Australians and address the critical challenges we face. It is imperative that our government prioritizes the needs of its citizens and acts in the best interests of the country.

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