Stop the WHO Pandemic Pact

The next World Health Assembly will take place in Geneva, May 22 to 28, 2022. Member nations will discuss a proposed "Pandemic Treaty" and vote on amendments to the International Health Orders (IHO).

A draft proposal sits before the WHO in Geneva. If this proposal is enacted, the WHO will have far greater authority in relation to your health, particularly if there is a pandemic. And they will inevitably declare another one.

If this proposal is adopted and signed by Australia the WHO could have the power to enforce lockdowns, hard borders around quarantine zones, vaccine passports, mandatory check-in and contact tracing, mandatory health tests, mandatory removal, and quarantine.

Furthermore, compulsory vaccination is part of the International Health Regulations, and may now be forced on all Australians if this vote succeeds.

If granted these powers, the World Health Organisation can declare a pandemic without justifying or even publishing its reasons and can continue the emergency measures for as long as it decides is necessary.

There is no appeal, no transparency, no fairness.

Increasing power and funding for the WHO would solidify this unelected globalist organisation as "the directing and coordinating authority on international health".

One Nation strongly opposes giving up our sovereignty to the UN and WHO. Unelected, unrepresentative foreign bureaucrats should not have the power to lock Australia down and force Australians to undergo medical procedures.

The Government should never have the power to force a medical procedure without your consent and neither should an unelected international organisation with dubious funding streams.

This brazen proposal shows the WHO is not fit for purpose, cannot be trusted, and does not operate with Australia’s sovereign interests in mind.

It is the responsibility of the Australian Government to protect the health and safety of its citizens and maintain our sovereignty from international and private influences.

We call upon the Prime Minister and members of the upper and lower houses of parliament to:

  • ensure Australia retains its healthcare sovereignty
  • ensure unelected WHO bureaucrats do not wield decision-making power over Australia's health and emergency responses
  • decline to sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty
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