Albanese is a liar

Does Labor, or Anthony Albanese, actually stand for anything?

What’s been missing in the debates over Australia Day, the cost of living and now the much-promised stage three tax cuts? It’s leadership.

Albo has gone missing just when Australians need a Prime Minister to show leadership.

As Pauline Hanson has often said about our current Prime Minister, he’s no leader. Leaders take responsibility; Albanese does pretty much anything he can to shirk responsibility.

He refused to own the failure of his voice to Parliament referendum vanity project. He outsourced immigration policy to the High Court. He’s allowed our defence posture to become weak at a time when we can least afford it. And when the political shrapnel is flying at home, ‘airbus’ Albo ducks it by heading overseas.

Most recently Albanese has been very coy and disingenuous about Labor’s explicit election promise to pass on, in full, the so-called ‘stage three’ tax cuts legislated by the former Coalition government with the support of One Nation.

With the Greens and teals shouting for this promise to be scrapped, and with Labor’s own socialist left faction pressuring him to break it too, Albanese’s weakness has been on full display with his failure to stare down opponents of the tax cuts, and his very equivocal language around Labor’s promise.

He could take a leaf out of Pauline’s book. She’s been one of the few prominent politicians showing leadership on these issues: Australia Day should be celebrated on 26 January because the majority of Australians support that date; the voice referendum should never have been held; dangerous criminals should never have been freed from immigration detention; an Australian warship should be headed for the Middle East to join the effort to protect trade routes from terrorist attacks; and the stage three tax cuts must be delivered in full, as promised.

A weak leader creates the perception the nation he leads is also weak, but One Nation knows better. We have faith in the strength of Australia and its people, and we deserve leaders prepared to stand for the values and principles that make this country great.