Australia must not go cashless

Both Labor and Liberal governments across Australia have made it clear they want the nation to go cashless. A cashless Australia is of great concern. 

Removing cash from circulation is worrying and alarming. One Nation will fight these moves with everything we have. 

We featured an interview with Senator Malcolm Roberts on the ABC about banks slyly excluding cash from their service in last week’s newsletter. 

As he said, “Banks have a social obligation to provide legal tender to their customers”. 

Some obnoxious banking outlets have already indicated they will spend the next 10 years phasing cash out.   

One Nation is the only party prepared to stop them. 

The RBA has claimed only about 16% of transactions are in cash these days. That may be true, it may not. 

What the 16% figure hides is that many people use cash to buy used goods, purchase livestock, or maybe a used car. 100% of people might only use cash 16% of the time, but when you do need to use cash you should to be able to use it, especially if it’s the only practical way to transact. 

Although only 16% transaction might be cash (we dispute that figure), we are certain of the view that close to 100% of people want cash and will need it at some point in their lives. 

Cash is most important in times when EFTPOS machines collapse. In northern Australia, and especially the heavily populated areas of North Queensland, cyclones take down EFTPOS. That’s when communities need cash. 

EFTPOS can sometimes go down for up to two weeks during an extreme weather event. 

We can’t expect regional and rural areas to go without cash for essentials when a disaster hits and these people are most vulnerable. 

Both Labor and the Coalition support a cashless society, because these two parties are cut from the same cloth. They want to control every aspect of your life. 

The majors and their mates in the Greens fear, wrongly, people are not paying tax on cash. Because the major parties, and the Greens, are addicted to spending our money, they are coming up with new and inventive ways of making sure they collect on every single sent you spend. 

Recently one of our team visited a Chinese restaurant for their family Friday night dinner. The restaurant only took cash. When the lady behind the counter was told Labor and the Liberals want to take their cash away, she said she knew, but protested, “How will they expect me to pay all my bank fees when I can’t use cash?’. 

There is no end to the major parties’ full-frontal assault on our Australian way of life, assault on small business, people’s ability to have a side hustle, paying for used goods, or haggling knowing you can get a better deal should you give ‘cash up front’.